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that with them there lived loyal friends nearby, however not all breeds of dog are suitable for the apartment, especially if the apartment small and in it is hardly enough the place for people. Nevertheless it is possible to find the desirable room dog even for the smallest living space, it is necessary just to pick up suitable from the existing breeds. Choosing future pet, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the animal size, but also to his activity, health and need of training to ensure mutual safety of all living in the house. The size is the defining factor when choosing the pet for contents in the apartment as the large dog just will have no place to be developed, and small breeds of dog will easily fit into modest dimensions of the house and will feel in it comfortably.

What Breeds of Dog Best of All Will Be Suitable for the City Apartment
All fans of dogs would like that with them there lived loyal friends nearby, however not all breeds of dog are suitable for the apartment

objectively to approach a question how to choose a dog for contents in the apartment, it is necessary to study the best breeds of dog for the apartment with which will be able to live together both children and their parents, and people of middle age and pensioners.

Yorkshire terrier

Breed of dog very popular in recent years which big dignity is the cheerful nature, readiness everywhere to follow the owner and hypoallergenicity of wool thanks to what even allergic persons can get a Yorkshire terrier. Wool of this pet is almost identical to human hair on the structure. Yorkshire terriers are very active, inquisitive and mobile as they bear in the genes properties of hunting terriers , they remarkably developed sentry qualities. Treat strangers watchfully and recognize only one owner, however to all other members of household will show invariable friendliness. Can lift up other dogs on the street and bark at them.

Long dense wool which, on the one hand, is decoration of a doggie and a subject of pride of the owner and on the other hand – demands permanent care from a Yorkshire terrier though it fades a little. Besides, it is possible to do to Yorkshire terriers beautiful various hairstyles which minimize need to comb out wool and do a doggie to even more beautiful. This is the most ideal dog for the apartment with allergic persons or asthmatics.

What Breeds of Dog Best of All Will Be Suitable for the City Apartment

If the owner is already elderly person, he can easily accustom the pet to go to a tray and not to walk a terrier when it has for this purpose no forces or desire. Yorkshire terriers is excellent partners for children. Animals can play with them so much how many subjects are necessary. At these dogs the appeasable quiet temper allowing adults to take them with itself everywhere up to shops and restaurants.

Feeding of a Yorkshire terrier is possible as the diet from the ready-made feeds of a premium class combining all necessary vitamins and minerals is recommended to it. Therefore on a question, what thoroughbred domestic doggies are suitable best of all for the house and family, and for all her members, including the child, it is possible to recommend a Yorkshire terrier safely.

What dog to get in the apartment (video)

French or English bulldog

If you reflect what dog it is better to get in the apartment without children, then it is possible to pay attention to the French bulldog. This small dog up to 14 kg will be tender, devoted and very loyal friend, however, inclined to obesity as is a slow and quiet dog, is lazy walking near the owner.

To it on temperament and appearance the English bulldog is similar. It treats breeds of dogs of the average size for the apartment. The animal is slightly larger, weight it can reach 26 kg.

What Breeds of Dog Best of All Will Be Suitable for the City Apartment

The bulldog is intellectual, healthy and does not bring big trouble at contents. It is unpretentious breed of dog of the average sizes which practically does not fade, with smooth and short wool and very sweet temper.

The bulldog does not allocate someone one in family, and loves all her members equally, however can be hostile to other dogs therefore at walks it is better to hold him on a lead. Care of it is simple, it is enough to brush wool massage from time to time. It is possible to feed him with both a dry feed, and homemade food, chicken, beef, eggs, cottage cheese and fish will approach. After a meal it is necessary to wipe folds on his muzzle with a napkin. These folds will demand regular leaving. Besides, problems with eyes as sometimes at bulldogs arises заворот a century are possible.

Cheerful dachshund

Dachshunds are sleek-haired little dogs for the apartment, they are:

  • rabbit, up to 4 kg;
  • dwarfish, up to 5 kg;
  • standard, from 10 to 12 kg.

These long-haired, wire-haired and short-haired breeds of dog perfectly will be suitable for small apartments. Animals were brought for hunting as norny dogs therefore even in the least dachshund the hazardous hunter dozes. Owing to this fact it has a loud deep-voices bark and aspiration to dig and dig, at the same time short-haired dogs are very unpretentious in food and leaving, and it is required to look after hair of long-haired dachshunds. The character at a dachshund cheerful, vigorous, very courageous and friendly, a dog perfectly will suit active young people.

What Breeds of Dog Best of All Will Be Suitable for the City Apartment

the Dwarfish rate is especially good for small apartments, it is very clever, perfectly gets on with children and is always ready to play with them or to run on walk. A little to restrain a hunting ardor and passion of a dog, he should buy toys which it will be able to tear and torment, leaving alone footwear and other things of the owner. Choosing what dog to get in the apartment, it is necessary to consider such feature of a dachshund as intelligence and ability to make own decisions that can be expressed in willfulness of an animal and some obstinacy. Therefore keeping of a dog in the apartment has to be followed by obligatory training and schooling of a dachshund to an order and submission. If to pay to the pet attention, care and caress suffices, to provide it with long walks and games, then it will have no problems with obedience.

Tiny toy terrier

The Russian tiny breed the toy terrier does not exceed 3 kg on weight and is one of the few breeds which representatives are let to hotels and public transport. The breed exists in 2 options:

  • sleek-haired;
  • long-haired.

Long-haired toy terriers are especially beautiful, graceful and lovely. Owners often carry them with themselves in bags or baskets what doggies never object to. They have in general very appeasable character, live and sociable. Dogs of this breed are obedient, benevolent and easily get on with other pets, including with cats. They are suitable even for those who never had before dogs, owing to unpretentiousness of this breed.

What Breeds of Dog Best of All Will Be Suitable for the City Apartment

Puppies since the childhood are accustomed to a tray therefore it is possible to walk with them not regularly, and at desire and an opportunity. In frosty days it is better not to bring animals to the street, and during wet weather they need to put on overalls. It is necessary to walk toy terriers on a breast-band, and it is recommended to feed with dry feeds of a premium class above. If the question what dog to get for the child in the apartment is considered, then it is better not to take a toy terrier as well as the chihuahua as these animals are so small and fragile that the child, that without wishing, can easily cripple a doggie.

What breeds of dog will be suitable for family with the child (video)

Solid pug

The pug treats average breed of dog for the apartment, about 10-12 kg weigh and are one of the most ancient and favourite breeds of China. These are the quietest breeds of dog, before they were kept in imperial palaces as partners, attentively looked after them and carefully preserved. Today it is the best dogs for lazy owners who do not need long walks and active games. They are capable to lie for hours at legs of the owner watching TV and to quietly wait for it return home if that is absent. At the same time pugs very much love attention, are gentle, tender, bright and balanced.

What Breeds of Dog Best of All Will Be Suitable for the City Apartment

The tendency to obesity and a molt belong to shortcomings of the quietest dog. Therefore for the people sick with an allergy, pugs do not approach. At pugs sentry skills therefore you should not count that it will protect the house or property are poorly developed. The plentiful molt will demand permanent care of wool. Except wool, leaving folds on a muzzle and large prominent eyes which will need to be wiped with daily wadded tampon moistened in tea infusion will demand. It is possible to feed the pet with a dry feed, trying to avoid sweets for which the pug will strive.

Baby of a chihuahua

The best room dog is a chihuahua. Less doggie does not happen any more. The tiny short-haired and long-haired breed from America practically does not fade, well gets on with other pets in the house and even has security skills, giving a vote at a meeting with strangers and at a call to a door. Feature of a chihuahua is its surprising ability to feel mood of the owner. The dog lays down on those places where the person feels pain, and removes it. The chihuahua treats one-woman men therefore the person chosen by a doggie will become an object of her love and jealousy for the rest of life.

What Breeds of Dog Best of All Will Be Suitable for the City Apartment

As breed southern, thermophilic and short-haired, during the winter period better or at all not to walk with it, allowing to use a house tray, or to put on it warm clothes. The diet of a chihuahua can be a miscellaneous, use of both dry feeds, and homemade food, for example, of meat, cottage cheese, eggs and fruit is allowed. It is necessary to watch closely health of the baby as she observes predisposition to a number of diseases, including dislocations of joints and rheumatism.

Regal Pekinese

The Pekinese is ideal for any apartment as short legs do not allow it to run and go much, and induce to lie or sit more. The centuries spent in imperial palaces made this breed regal, slow, quiet, important, proud and independent. The Pekinese is even externally similar to a lion. At the same time it and on character is similar to it. The owner has to be ready that not he, and a Pekinese will be an owner. The doggie treats children patronizing, but not really loves them as he does not like noise and squeal during their games.

What Breeds of Dog Best of All Will Be Suitable for the City Apartment

It is good to bring him to elderly people, or people lonely with which he will slowly walk near the house and not really long.

The doggie quickly is tired during walk therefore it should be carried on hands for what she also was brought once. In frosty weather it is easier for Pekinese to move and breathe, and during a heat he can receive heatstroke. With the purpose to avoid this Pekinese it is possible to cut the machine in hot months, and by winter he will grow a fluffy dense fur coat again. If not to cut wool, behind it a lot of leaving will be required. In all the rest a Pekinese, as well as a shih-tzu, – unpretentious breeds of dog.

Magnificent shih-tzu

The doggie of a shih-tzu is called both a chrysanthemum, and the lion bringing happiness to the house and Buddha's doggie – so it is good with magnificent wool, long moustaches and a beard. Character at a shih-tzu and really lion's, noble and aristocratical. She quietly barks, is extraordinary clean, her it is easily possible to accustom to go to a cat's tray. Magnificent health and long life is peculiar to a doggie. However before acquiring this treasure, it is necessary to understand whether you agree to spend a lot of time for care of its magnificent wool.

Though, as well as at Yorkshire terriers, it does not cause an allergy, this wool will demand leaving much. Also it is necessary or to spend the time for this leaving, or to drive a dog in salon that costs quite much. There is a large number of options of hairstyles for a shih-tzu, ribbons and bows for her hair. She will suit the dog food of a super premium class which are specially intended for decorative breeds with the low content of fat and a protein.

What Breeds of Dog Best of All Will Be Suitable for the City Apartment

People get dogs with the different purpose and for various reasons. Someone looks for inexpensive breeds of dog not to spend excess means, it is necessary for someone expensive prestigious dog to emphasize the level of the prosperity, someone needs the cheapest dog and the most unpretentious not to potter with her much and not to spend on her the time, and someone needs only quiet dogs and any others. Great opportunities are given for the choice of animals by shelters in which there are dogs of the average size for the apartment, big and little animals of different breeds as the lost thoroughbred dogs, and not purebred mongrels. Choose the pet in a shelter, take a right and devoted being in the house.

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