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breeds of pets which would be included into the list as the most beautiful dogs. Each person has ideas of beauty of canine friends.

What Dogs Are Considered as the Most Beautiful
Labrador became quite fashionable after the media report that this breed is Putin V. favourite. In

Tastes differ

Someone considers beautiful the grace and force reminding of wolf origin of an animal, and the loveliest breeds of dog – small and harmless are closer to someone.

Besides, beauty of a dog often follows fashion. For example, the Labrador became quite fashionable after the media report that this breed is Putin V.V.A favourite the movie "101 dalmatians" the Dalmatian mastiff made fashionable breed. The same can be told also about movies "Mukhtar" or "Hachiko" – examples of such emergence of fashion for certain dogs very much.

Bulldogs or bull terriers for most of people look as monsters from a dreadful dream, and the owner worships the favourite and considers that on the earth there is no lovelier and beautiful creature. And it feels an animal and answers the person with the love.

What Dogs Are Considered as the Most Beautiful
Beauty of a dog develops not only from beautiful bright wool and a strong body
What qualities determine by


And nevertheless, it is possible to allocate ten the most beautiful and lovely dogs. It is based on opinion of most of professional dog breeders and just fans of animals.

Beauty of a dog consists not only of beautiful bright wool and a strong body. It consists in devotion, sincere purity and full confidence to the person. Any dog, whether it be a huge strong mastiff or a little Pekinese, will give life for the owner, without thinking for a second, will rise in his defense. It should be considered, considering a top of the most beautiful breeds of dog:

the Most beautiful breeds of dog in the world (video)

the First three of the best

German shepherd . The main advantage of these animals is the intelligence though it is very beautiful dogs. This look is capable to study quicker than any other breed. The sheep-dog has enough 2-3 repetitions of new team that she remembered it and further carried out with pleasure as to please the owner for it – meaning of life. German shepherds are quite big dogs; dogs reach 65 cm in withers. The body is proportional, the croup is lowered a little a little at the expense of the special structure of hind legs; it seems that the dog is always ready to a jump. Its spring ability and strong jaws are terrible weapon therefore these dogs are in military service and in law enforcement agencies of all countries.

At all external severity and image of the gallant police officer the dog has gentle disposition. Very much loves children and is for them a great nurse. She very responsible and executive, for example, it is amusing to observe how the sheep-dog during outdoor recreation of the big company runs around people, trying to bring together them in one group that it was easier to protect them. Color of wool at sheep-dogs varies from light red to black. As a rule, the color represents a combination of dark color on a back and on a muzzle and light on sides and paws.

What Dogs Are Considered as the Most Beautiful

Labrador. This the dog of the average size has short, rigid wool. The color can be dark or light. Character of a Labrador easy and playful, he very quickly makes friends among people, he can even lick the stranger in a nose. This natural trustfulness makes him by quite dear friend and at the same time the bad security guard. Jaws at a Labrador strong, but very sensitive. He can lay equally confidently in a mouth egg, without having broken it, and at the same time is capable to burn out all footwear in the house, sincerely including that it is a cheerful game. The Labrador is a quite good swimmer and the runner, for good health he needs constant physical activities therefore outdoors he will not allow to miss to either the owner, or his friends.

One more loveliest dog and the wonderful family man – huskies. the Bright black-and-white color and blue eyes do appearance of this dog really unique. Huskies not only nice, but also very strong and hardy, the breed was removed dragging sledge on Far North. The indigenous people of Alaska or the tundra had a tradition to release the huskies of girls to the forest for appointments with wolves. Puppies from such marriages turned out strong as wolves, and betrayed as huskies. Perhaps, from those far ancestors of wolves in huskies the habit to send cats in the yards is still stored. For these dogs still the cat is a production. With people huskies behaves as the cheerful and boon companion, very much loves children and family.

Gallery: the most beautiful dogs (video)

Following from top ten

The following places in the rating of the most beautiful dogs were taken:

  1. the Alaskan malamute – one more northern dog. For the unsophisticated dog breeder the malamute almost like huskies, only much more largely looks. Actually there is a lot of differences from huskies, but characters are similar – same cheerful and playful. Such malamutes remain all life, even when the dog reaches advanced years, she likes to pokuvyrkatsya in snow and to run about behind a ball. Because of the restless character a malamute – very bad watchman though the sizes and force make him by quite formidable opponent and the powerful bodyguard for the owner.
  2. Dobermann terrier. > it is difficult for strong to rank This breed as the darling, rather she is cool. The lean well-muscled body, powerful jaws and an attentive look cause catalepsy in malefactors. Black Dobermann terriers meet more often, but are also pale-yellow, that is light brown. The color is not monophonic, paws, a breast and a muzzle have lighter wool, than on a back and on sides. Among dog breeders still there are disputes on need to stop ears to a Dobermann terrier, that is to cut tips so that ears stood upright. With such ears the Dobermann terrier looks more effectively, than with softly hanging down. But, first, this matter of taste, and secondly, should be understood that knocking over of ears – quite painful operation so its need is very doubtful. Dobermann terriers often come on service to police as bodyguards and security guards. It is impossible to agree with these dogs: if he on a post, then any delicacy does not distract it from protection of an object. Even being at home, in the bosom of the family, the Dobermann terrier always on the lookout is also ready to protection of the house.
  3. German mastiff. This dog was repeatedly marked out how the most beautiful breed of dog in the world. Dauga often name Apollon of the dog world. The German mastiff – a dog decorative, is the aristocrat among dogs. Proud landing of the head, an imperious look and, perhaps, the highest growth among dogs (dogs grow to 85 cm in withers) do it really fine. But at the same time the German mastiff – nevertheless a dog, and all dog weaknesses are peculiar to him – to run about behind a ball or to drive cats. The German mastiff perfectly feels the owner, his mood, it is possible to talk to him mentally, he perfectly will understand everything. When it is necessary – will support and will embrace when it is necessary – will divide fun and with pleasure will run about. A color mastiffs various, can have it black or pale-yellow. There is very beautiful color called "harlequin" is when on a skin the wrong spots of white and black color are scattered, such color still is called marble. There is more rare color – tiger, these are strips of dark and light tone on all body. Ears, as well as at a Dobermann terrier, can be stopped, having given them a standing position, but, besides is to the discretion of the owner, there are no practical benefits in it.
  4. St. Bernard. Very big and strong dog, according to dog breeders – the kindest. This doggie that is called will be very kind. All perfectly remember the movie "Beethoven": the character of a dog is perfectly reflected in it. He is a defender, the family man, he is a hooligan and the sly fellow. Besides, the St. Bernard possesses a sharp scent and well developed intuition therefore he often is in the service of mining rescuers. The St. Bernard is capable not just to find the person buried alive under an avalanche but also to predict this avalanche and to make everything that people did not go to the dangerous gorge. These dogs not just big, they are real heroes, on their account hundreds of human lives saved in mountains.
  5. Riesenschnauzer. Many people consider that it is the most beautiful dogs in the world. But to support a dog in such look, the owner should watch a condition of her wool very carefully. The riesenschnauzer is one of the few dogs, demanding regular trimming for the wool, then it will remain in a place of honor of the most beautiful pet. But this dog not only is beautiful, she possesses the strong muscles and jaws capable to have a bite a shovel shank. At all this character at it the most good-natured. Energy in this dog never-ending volume, on the street is the most vigorous representative of a dog sort. He is curious that he speaks about sharp mind, well gives in to training. All these qualities are noticed long ago by the leading cynologists of the world therefore the riesenschnauzer organically fitted into police divisions of the whole world where perfectly proved.
  6. Maltese. the Dog small, only 25 cm in withers. These doggies very beautiful, some of the most fluffy dogs, but behind their wool it is regularly necessary to look after, brush and thin out, that is to carry out trimming. These nice doggies seldom sit in place, can without any visible reason begin to run on the house, amusing these members of household. The character at it quite easy, it very bright and easily studies. It is often possible to see how these nice doggies amuse public in circus acrobatic numbers demanding a certain dexterity, and to them it only in joy as they adore people.
  7. Yorkshire terrier. the Top of 10 most beautiful dogs in the world cannot do without this tiny handsome. Yorkshire terriers, of course, not the least quadrupeds on Earth, but they are really the loveliest dogs. Today it is quite often possible to see a Yorkshire terrier in hands at the famous model or the actress. He became the satellite and the favourite of beautiful women. Honestly, these little doggies – a charm, and at appropriate care of wool also undoubted handsome. But in spite of the fact that the Yorkshire terrier is more similar to a toy, he after all remains a terrier, that is the hunter. So at appearance of a mouse or rat he fearlessly rushes on this production also turns from lovely ornament into the real hunter that, of course, cannot but touch and not admire because it is the most beautiful hunter.

What Dogs Are Considered as the Most Beautiful

There are hundreds more of breeds of dog, excellent from each other both on appearance and the size, and on a character warehouse. The variety of breeds is caused by a variety of tasks which are set by the person for a dog. It not just a friend and the satellite in human life, it also not the replaceable assistant in all his affairs. The dog not only is able to protect the yard and mouths of sheep, there are dogs hunters, rescuers on water and in mountains, seeing eye dogs, police dogs, sappers and so on.

It is impossible to list all spheres with which the dog helps the person. And the person in response to this great help cares for a dog and protects it.

the cleverest dogs (video)

For each person his dog is fine and clever what breed she would not be. It is not just a friend, but also the family member, the companion on games and the fellow worker. The person should not palter before a dog and to play the hypocrite, and she just is not able to do it. Probably, the great mystery of centuries-old friendship of a dog and the person also consists in it. And by and large it is unimportant what most beautiful breeds of dog and what — the strongest or clever, all of them identical – devoted.

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