• May 20, 2019

the owner in any walks outdoors, not each breed will be suitable for trade. The hunting dog has to pursue and catch a game, bring the shot production. On fishing the pet has to help the owner, but not hinder. Cynologists tell what dogs will become irreplaceable assistants on fishing and hunting.

What Dogs Will Become Irreplaceable Assistants on Fishing and Hunting

Hunting breeds

Since ancient times dogs accompany the person on hunting. These are the faithful and reliable assistants having force, endurance and high mental capacities. is removed Today a set of various hunting breeds which conditionally divide into 6 groups:

The Best Breeds of Dog of Hunters

Cops of Breed of Dog

  1. Fleet . The large and strong dogs capable to transfer big loadings. They are used for catching of foxes, hares, the hoofed small sizes. On hunting the dog catches up and smothers production.
  2. Hounds . Beautiful animals with long ears, brown or spotty. They are used for hunting for foxes and hares. Dogs possess sharp intuition and from far away feel production. They do not kill animals, and loudly bark and drive them on the owner. Hounds are very friendly, love children and do not touch other pets.
  3. Nornye's . These are small dogs who are used for catching of foxes and badgers. They get into a hole and drive production from the second contact to the hunter. Also they can pull out an animal outside teeth.
  4. of the Laika . Beautiful universal dogs who are used for capture of birds, fur animals, roes and even bears. They have great sense of smell and high speed of movement. Likes pursue production silently, exhaust it and do not allow to disappear. They kill ducks and bring to the owner.
  5. Cops . These dogs at the time of a shot are near the person. Usually they are used for capture of birds. Having guessed production, the dog creeps and accepts a special rack. The owner gives the command for a throw, birds fly up, then the shot is distributed. The dog brings the killed bird from the swamp.
  6. Spaniels and retrievers . These beautiful and good-natured dogs love water therefore they are applied to hunting for a waterfowl. The animal can even dive into a reservoir and get a duck.

Assistants to fishers

Dogs Fishers

Dogs have no congenital tendency to fishing. They got used to rustle and frighten a game that well helps when hunting for a waterfowl, but extremely disturbs during fishing.

Not any dog breed is suitable for fishermen. Even such great hunters as dachshunds and spaniels are useless and dangerous. Most of them has the following shortcomings:

  • animals run on the coast, bark, run in water and scare away fish;
  • the dog can step on a hook, get confused in tackles;
  • in the boat it can be frightened and tear claws rubber.

But though fishing is opposite to the noisy dog nature, people removed the following breeds which will become great assistants to fishers:

  • labrador retriever;
  • Newfoundland dog;
  • Landseer.

Fishing with Dogs

These dogs perfectly float and have waterproof wool. Though they have the considerable sizes, but differ in quickness and easily cope even with the biggest big fish. On the coast and in the boat they behave quietly and quietly.

Besides, these animals are great security guards that is especially important if fishing lasts several days. The dog remains at a tent and looks behind master's things. For protection it is also possible to take East European and German shepherds or Rottweilers.

If hunting dogs are noisy and mobile, then quiet and balanced breeds are suitable for fishing. They have to react to the teams "Place", "Sit", "Foo" well.

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