• Feb 26, 2020

Sometimes when choosing a puppy future owners do not know whom to choose: dog or to a bough. What floor it is better to take a dog?

 Puppies red with a white photo Photo: pxhere.com

the Answer to this question cannot be unambiguous and depends, first of all, on your preferences. Though there are things which should be considered.

Dogs are, as a rule, larger and stronger than "little girls", they more independent and are more inclined to look for adventures. There is an opinion that it is a little more difficult to train a dog. Besides, having guessed a bough in the period of a techka, some dogs lose the head at all and absolutely forget about owners so they can dash away in unknown distances. And the dog can be interested in an opposite sex all the year round, unlike boughs which interest in reproduction is limited to certain periods. But the dog not "will bring in a hem" undesirable posterity.

Boughs, as a rule, more small than dogs and more appeasable, study easier. They are also considered as more devoted. But twice a year at a bough there is a techka which lasts on average three weeks. And during this period you should be very attentive not to allow appearance of puppies which you did not plan to get. Besides, during a techka of a bough cannot participate in many actions. However, if to a bough to sterilize, it will have no techka.

However all aforesaid (certainly, except physiology) – only "the average temperature on hospital", and a specific puppy can not fit into this framework at all. Anyway, the main thing – specific features of the specific kid who attracted to you and education.

At the correct approach to education and training of the pet it will please you by all means. And it is unimportant who is "boy" or "little girl".

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