• Dec 18, 2019
Many ask
a question "What there are griffons?"
of the Dog of breed a griffon are divided into three views:
  • Belgian griffon
  • Bruxelles griffon
  • pti-brabanson.
 Belgian griffon, Bruxelles griffon, pti-brabanson.

On a photo: griffons of different types

The Belgian griffons are wire-haired dogs of a black or black and subdead color. The muzzle is decorated by eyebrows, a beard and moustaches.

Photo: pesikmal.ru

The Bruxelles griffons also have rigid wool of average length with an underfur, but a color at them red. On a muzzle also eyebrows, a beard and moustaches.

Photo: minepuppy.com

Pti-brabansona — sleek-haired dogs. All three colors are characteristic of them.

Photo: 4Lapki.com

All three kinds of griffons can be crossed among themselves. In one dung puppies of all three versions can be born. However they are exposed in Belarus on different rings.

However, in the USA, Great Britain and Australia all three versions still are considered as the Bruxelles griffon and are exposed in one ring.

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