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All of us long since got used that sheep-dogs are large and powerful animals with long massive paws. However representatives of breed of dog of a corgi do not approach under this description in any way. Therefore the people who for the first time learned that amusing pets with short pads are the most real sheep-dogs experience huge surprise. History of these unusual pets traces the roots back deeply in centuries. Around animals the set of improbable legends and legends soars.

What Leaving the Breed of Dog of a Corgi Needs
Today corgis enjoy wide popularity in the different countries of the world.

time when they were on the verge of disappearance Was figcaption>. Fortunately, such period far in the past. Today lovely korotkolapy doggies enjoy wide popularity in the different countries of the world. They become loyal and reliable friends, easily find a common language even with the smallest penises of family.

As look animals of this breed

Dogs of breed of a Welsh Corgi the pembrok and a cardigan have both similarities, and difference. The main difference between breeds consists in bone structure and the sizes. Dogs not such high, as terrier, but also not such low, as dachshunds. Cardigans are larger, in withers they can grow to 30 cm. Growth of pembrok reaches 25-28 cm. Both those, and others weigh it is approximately identical: no more than 17 kg.

The corgi, as well as any other breed, have the standard. has to correspond to It each thoroughbred short-legged dog:

  1. The head of the pet reminds fox. The skull is quite wide, flat between ears.
  2. The muzzle of a doggie is slightly pointed to a nose. The bite is nozhnitseobrazny, teeth powerful and strong.
  3. The nose has big nostrils. Regardless of an animal color the nose has to be black.
  4. Eyes at pets round, not really big. It is desirable that they were dark. Let's allow also a nut shade, but only in case it is in harmony with color of a hair.
  5. Ears at animals quite big. Despite it, they look in proportion to a body.
  6. The neck is strong, brawny, well developed. It is a little extended.
  7. The body is extended that is especially noticeable against the background of short pads. At a pembrok the body is a little more compact, than at a cardigan.
  8. The tail is quite long, at some animals it reaches the earth. Externally it is very similar to fox, however there is no bend to a back. The pembrok has to have a short tail, otherwise it is stopped.
  9. Front pads strong and short, elbows densely adjoin to the case. Forearms repeat a shape of a breast, they are a little bent. Hinder legs not less powerful, at the same time slightly angular.
What Leaving the Breed of Dog of a Corgi Needs
the Colour of dogs depends from разновидности.

Окрас dogs depends on a version. So, cardigans can be red, spotty, three-colored. Existence on the mask head is admissible. Sometimes at a color there are white spots, they can be located on pads, a neck, a tip of a tail, breast. On the head there can be only 1 light strip. For a pembrok all shades of red are admissible. Also black individuals meet burn marks, white spots on pads, a breast and a neck.

Pets who do not conform to above-mentioned requirements are not thoroughbred. They are unsuitable for reproduction and cannot participate in exhibitions. However the non-standard appearance does not prevent them to become beautiful friends.

How to look after a corgi (video)

of Trait of character

Each little sheep-dog has own character. However is the lines characteristic of all representatives of breed without exception:

  1. Animals are incredibly mobile, active and vigorous. They adore long walks and moderate physical activities.
  2. Pets have cheerful nature, they like to make laugh members of household. Boringly with such companion will definitely not be.
  3. Despite the small sizes, a corgi devoted and brave dogs. In case of danger they will bravely rush on protection of the owner and members of his family.
  4. Dogs are very sympathetic and sociable. They easily come into contacts and adore spending time in the company of familiar people. And here in relation to strangers behave enough watchfully.
  5. As well as the terrier, a corgi are very intelligent and clever. They well give in to training, with ease acquire new teams.
  6. The balanced mentality allows to support without problems pets together with other animals. Quite often the owners fascinated by beauty of short-legged dogs get several individuals of this breed at once. They perfectly get on with each other.
  7. Pets become excellent nurses for kids. However there is one nuance: during the active games of a corgi, being guided by instincts, can bite slightly the child for legs. Therefore it is better to get a doggie when the kid a little grows up.
  8. The dog possesses the developed intuition and accurately catches mood of the owner. If the owner is not in good spirits, the animal will never stick to him with desire to play.
  9. Houses the stocky dog behaves extremely quietly. She will never get in the way and to require to itself special attention.
  10. Welsh Corgis are wonderful partners. They with pleasure will accompany the owner anywhere. Animals are not afraid of new places, perfectly treat other quadrupeds.
  11. Such negative qualities as rancor and a pakostnost, are absolutely unusual for representatives of breed.

It is noticed that cardigans have judicious and quiet character while pembrok are more active and impulsive. The patience, friendliness and obedience are peculiar to all representatives of breed. These qualities do the pet by the best friend and the faithful partner.

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Training of a pet

The breed of dog of a Welsh Corgi has high I.Q. Pets understand that the amusing appearance gives them certain advantages therefore try to manipulate the owner. It is impossible to allow it, otherwise will get on further with an animal it is problematic. It is necessary to show at once who in couple main. To show leadership by means of shout and the more so the physical force is impossible. The doggie perfectly will understand also the phrases said by an equal, quiet voice.

Animals study not bad and socialized. However needs to be remembered that high I.Q. does not allow them to execute commands thoughtlessly. They have to understand that the owner wants to receive, and only after that will begin to act. Pets acquire teams about 2-3 times. Some individuals with pleasure master also circus tricks. When the dog, similar to a fox, executes some exotic trick, all family members and guests are enraptured. Animals can be trained even in singing – they are able to howl funny with modulations.

As soon as щеночек appeared in the house, the owner has to explain it admissible rules of a posedeniye. The kid needs to be accustomed to a berth, to forbid to growl, bite even during the games, to climb on a bed to the owner. Similar actions need to be stopped at once if not to do it, further it will be much more difficult to disaccustom.

The Welsh Corgi, as well as a terrier, gives in to many types of training. Representatives of breed repeatedly became champions in competitions on OKD, an obidiyensa, dog agility.

Being engaged in training, it is necessary to remember one simple thing: pets do not love monotony and monotony. But they are big fans of caress, a praise and tasty delicacies.

What Leaving the Breed of Dog of a Corgi Needs

of the Rule of leaving

Care of a pet will not take away from the owner many forces and time. That the animal perfectly looked and well felt, should follow several simple rules:

  1. The perch of a pet should comb regularly. During the molt periods which happen at dogs 2 times a year it is necessary to carry out this procedure daily. Otherwise wool can be felted and lose the faultless look.
  2. It is necessary to wash favourites as required, it is desirable not really often. After each walk it is necessary to wash pads and if on the street it is dirty, then also a stomach. Some dog breeders assure that regular bathing helps to make a molt of less intensive.
  3. 2-3 times a week the animal needs to brush teeth. The correct hygiene of an oral cavity will allow to prevent accumulation of bacteria and will not allow formation of a scale. Besides, the procedure will help to avoid inflammation of gums and an unpleasant smell.
  4. The dog needs to cut claws as required, as a rule, not more often than 1 time a month. It is necessary to carry out the procedure in case it is heard as the pet clinks on a floor. Well-groomed and accurate claws will help to avoid injuries during the active games.
  5. Periodically it is necessary to examine all body of a dog on presence of wounds and inflammation. The special attention is deserved by a nose, paws, eyes and ears. If you felt an unpleasant smell or noticed redness, at once address the veterinarian. Timely consultation of the expert will allow to avoid serious complications.

The little corgi, as well as a terrier, can take offense if it is combed, examine an oral cavity and ears, touch pads. You should not worry because of it. Over time the favourite will get used and will treat more quietly procedures. And that he reconciled quicker and began to perceive these processes more positively, praise an animal and indulge him tasty delicacies.

What Leaving the Breed of Dog of a Corgi Needs

How to make a diet

Animals are absolutely unpretentious in food: even the grain crust will cause delight in a dog. However it does not mean that it is possible to be unaffected by food. The correct and balanced diet – guarantee of faultless appearance and health of a pet. Corgis have tendency to obesity therefore it is necessary to approach drawing up the menu with the maximum responsibility.

Many dog breeders recommend to feed pets with an industrial dry feed. Such form is more convenient for the owner as it is not necessary to puzzle over with what to diversify the favourite's diet. Sterns contain all necessary nutrients, and to count daily norm of food very conveniently. However the option demands considerable expenses: forages of economy class are not always acquired by a gastrointestinal tract of animals. Premium class food is suitable for a Welsh Corgi much more. It is desirable to give preference to the brands developed especially for the dogs having tendency to excess weight.

What Leaving the Breed of Dog of a Corgi Needs

Natural food – a worthy alternative to dry feeds. It allows to make more various diet. As practice shows, the flavoring variety is important only for puppies. The grown-up individuals have concrete preferences and will not eat what is not pleasant to them. Most of manufacturers feed pets with the porridge made from the meat, vegetables and cereals added to a dish in equal proportions. can also include the pet's Diet:

  • offal;
  • crude and boiled vegetables;
  • sea fish without bones;
  • unsweetened fruit;
  • low-fat fermented milk products.

At the same time it is necessary to remember that even the richest and carefully thought over menu cannot include all vitamins and minerals necessary for the pet. Puppies, pregnant and elderly dogs have to receive vitamin supplements regularly. Other individuals should provide course administration of drugs.

What Leaving the Breed of Dog of a Corgi Needs

That needs to be considered when choosing a puppy

Having decided to get a Welsh Corgi, you will never regret about the made choice. To get the partner, address the checked manufacturer. Optimum age for the choice of the new family member – 7-8 weeks. Before at animals the period of active growth proceeds, they constantly change.

Decide what pet you want to get. Exhibition and breeding individuals are much more expensive. If you want to get the reliable partner, the price will be lower. When choosing surely pay attention to appearance and puppy habits:

  1. The healthy pet has to have a serene look, clean ears and a stomach. A healthy animal – not thin, but moderately well-fed. Hair clean and brilliant.
  2. The little corgi is quite playful and active.
  3. The pet has to have excellent appetite.
  4. Surely check a bite. The upper jaw has to come on lower.

It is desirable to look at animal parents, at least in photos. If you get an exhibition individual, surely ask the manufacturer to show diplomas of the titled ancestors. You are afraid to be mistaken with the choice? Then invite with yourself to the manufacturer of the skilled owner of a corgi or the familiar cynologist.

the Interesting facts about a corgi (video)

Beauty the shchenochka will be noticeable far not at once. Little corgis, like an andersenovsky ugly duckling, appear in all beauty only by 2 years. You should not worry if puppy ears too long, as at a burro. The similar disproportion is characteristic of representatives of breed.

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