• May 22, 2020

Many owners who are especially beginning, having got the pet, are set by a set of questions. One of them: "When to begin to train a puppy?"

Little Puppy and Hands of the Person of a Photo
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To answer this question, it is important to understand how the puppy develops.

From 3 to 16 – 20 weeks at a puppy the most sensitive memory. It means, that during this period the kid needs to study as much as possible people, animals and situations. In fact, this time which will define all further life of a dog.

So, it is logical that this age – the answer to a question "When to begin to train a puppy?"

Remember that training is not just training in teams. You help it is better for puppy to understand people. The kid begins to understand when he is praised (and for what), learns to distinguish words and gestures, becomes attached to the person.

Do not forget that training of a puppy takes place only in a game. And practically any ban can be replaced with team which teaches the kid that to it To DO otherwise. For example, instead of jumping on the come back home owner, it is possible to sit down – and to receive the sea of attention and tasty delicacies.

Be not afraid to begin training of a puppy from the first day. If all of you do correctly, in a game, you do not deprive of it the childhood. But you diversify life of a puppy and you know better that he loves, and that not really what he is afraid of and what reaches for. And you will develop its ability to think.

Consider that the game behavior develops at a puppy in 3 – 12 weeks. And if to pass this period, further it will be quite difficult to you to play dog. And a game is very important in training of a dog of any age.

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