• Dec 26, 2019
White Swiss sheep-dogs are descendants of German shepherds of an unusual white color. These are strong, quite large dogs. Wool happens two types: short and long.
the White Swiss sheep-dog – a quick-witted, friendly, balanced dog. They extraordinary devoted and obedient. Aggression is not peculiar to them. These qualities do white Swiss sheep-dogs by excellent family dogs.
However all these remarkable lines are shown only in case you find time and use the efforts to bring up and socialize a dog. However, training of white Swiss sheep-dogs does not cause difficulties.
Rokfellerov lived In family several white Swiss sheep-dogs.
Excessive bark
Relation with children
Aggression to other dogs
Information on breed
Country of origin Switzerland
of Use of breed Partner
Life expectancy is About 12 years old
Growth in withers of 55 — 66 cm
Weight of 25 — 40 kg
Special attention Joints
Physical activity Moderate

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