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Unfortunately, still many owners are sure that without beating education and training of a dog are simply inconceivable. It is one of the most hardy and dangerous myths, and we will get rid completely of its influence very at a distant day. Nevertheless, more and more people (and it cannot but please) incline that dogs cannot be beaten. Why it is impossible to beat a dog and how in that case to achieve from her the necessary behavior?

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Why it is impossible to beat a dog, even "it is not sick"?

It is impossible to beat a dog many reasons.

First, to beat the living being whose life and wellbeing entirely depends on the person, just cruelly.

Secondly, the dog behaves "badly" because or she was taught similar behavior, let and without realizing it (and most often that person who beats taught), or she for similar behavior was created by the nature (that is behaves – what surprise! — as the dog) or was brought by the person (if the speech about pedigree features which the owner did not consider, buying a puppy), or her basic requirements are not satisfied (that too – "merit" of the person). So, it is simply dishonest to beat her for it.

Thirdly to beat a dog absolutely inefficiently. And it would be desirable to dwell upon it.
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Why people beat dogs and whether the desirable result brings it?

The reasons which people beat dogs, four:

  1. The person, having beaten a dog, receives an emotional discharge . He came home after heavy day of work moreover was reprimanded by the administration, and the house – the next pool or the gnawed footwear. Beat a dog – it seems felt better. The problem is that the similar scenario is a reinforcement for the person, so, it will beat a dog again and again. Whether it will teach a dog how it is necessary to behave? Very doubtfully. And here will teach to be afraid of the owner and not to trust him.
  2. The person by means of a beating tries to stop undesirable behavior of a dog . For example, the dog tried to pull down a piece of sausage from a table – the person hit it, the dog dropped sausage and escaped. The dog barks – the person beat it, she became silent. The effect is reached?, It seems, yes, the behavior stopped. But actually – no. The matter is that a beating does not affect motivation of a dog in any way , and her requirement remains unsatisfied. So, the dog will look for other ways – and not the fact that they will be pleasant to you more. Perhaps, the dog will not steal from a table in the presence of the owner any more – but what it when he turns away will prevent to do to her or will be in other room? If the dog barks from overexcitation, from a beating she will not become quieter, so, or will bark again and again, or overexcitation will pour out in other problems of behavior. Besides, a beating of people does not teach a dog to alternative behavior , to the fact that requirement can be satisfied in the acceptable way.
  3. The owner does not know that it is possible to interact with a dog in a different way. Frankly speaking, in our century of information opportunities it is perceived as humiliating "excuse", no more than that. Here it is a high time to remember a saying "Who wants – looks for opportunities who does not want – the reasons". And opportunities now more than are enough.
  4. The owner just likes to beat a dog . Alas, similar meets not so seldom – attempt to be convinced of own importance and absolute power, doing harm to other living being, or to satisfy sadistic bents. But there is nothing to comment. The only acceptable way to fight with they are the normal, working laws directed to protection of animals, identification of similar persons and the ban to hold dogs. In the former Soviet Union it is, unfortunately, a utopia at present.

At last, to beat dogs simply dangerously. According to results of a research , at least 25% of dogs at once respond to aggression of the owner with aggression. Other dogs show in the beginning submission signals most of which of owners simply does not notice, so, nothing remains to a dog how to be protected, and as a result we receive a dog who is dangerous by to the owner and people around. At a part of dogs similar methods form the learned helplessness that sometimes suits owners, but in this case the dog constantly tests a distress that affects her health and level of wellbeing.

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there Is an alternative? What to do if it is impossible to beat a dog?

A beating of dogs – heritage of cruel methods education which were widespread (and were declared as unique) in the beginning and the middle of the last century. These methods were a direct consequence of the attitude towards dogs as to military vehicles which have to show implicit submission and total absence of an initiative from the category "Step to the Left, a Step to the Right — Execution on the Place". And also investigation of extremely low level of understanding of psychology of a dog and features of her behavior.

However now the behavior of dogs is studied from all directions, and for the last we learned a couple of decades about "the best friends" more, than for the last millennia. So there are more and more alternatives to cruel methods of training and to beat a dog absolutely optional. It is simply silly and dishonest to wave away from them in relation to pets.

Nobody argues with the fact that it is important to train a dog in rules. But it is worth doing it intelligently. The systemacity and the sequence are extremely important, predictability and a variety in the correct proportions and also ensuring basic requirements a canine friend.

There is a huge variety of methods of both training of the dogs, and correction of behavior free from cruelty and based on a positive reinforcement.

you Study
and you teach a dog, and in this case communication with it will bring for many years to you joy which is not saddened by senseless cruelty.

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