• Feb 26, 2020

Sometimes it happens that the puppy refuses flatly to go to a toilet on the street and suffers before return home. And having come home, with visible relief does a pool and a heap. Why the puppy does not want to go to a toilet on the street and how to accustom him to do it?

of the Photo: akc.org

It occurs not because a puppy harmful. Just he does not understand that it is necessary to go to a toilet on the street. In its representation the place for similar — houses, and he honestly and courageously suffers, will not return to native walls yet.

to accustom a puppy to go to a toilet on the street, it is possible to take out the diaper soiled by it or the newspaper there and thus to show to a puppy that the street — the great place where it is possible to make all affairs.

If it does not help, it is necessary to stock up with patience, in the morning in the day off to take with itself a thermos with tea or coffee, sandwiches, heat to put on (if this cold season) and to prepare for long walk.

Be adjusted on walk within 4 — 5 hours literally to force a puppy to descend nevertheless in a toilet. Sooner or later he will not be able to suffer more and will make a pool or a small group on the street. And here – it is a high time to rejoice and praise a puppy violently.

Several such walks — and a puppy will understand that circulation in a toilet on the street is the cause for great joy of the owner and a source of huge benefit for the kid.

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