• Feb 22, 2019

an unpleasant problem — tagging of the territory which begins after achievement of puberty of an animal. There is a large number of the reasons causing such behavior of pets. Most often it has the instinctive nature. To avoid the similar phenomenon, it is important to understand why the domestic dog needs to mark the territory.

Why the Domestic Dog Needs to Mark the Territory

Main reasons

Territorial borders are for dogs of great importance .

let know the Left tags to other dogs, as well as the person that the pet protects the territory, family members and you should not break borders of this space .

Besides this reason, is some more:

How to Disaccustom a Dog to Mark the Territory

  1. To mark something new in a surrounding situation, to create there a familiar smell and to block the stranger.
  2. For maintenance of instinctive hierarchy in pack.
  3. Are marked and to let know to other individuals about readiness for pairing. Animals communicate among themselves more through sense of smell by which they are capable to determine gender accessory, some features of an individual and also to define the reproductive status of an animal.
  4. In rooms pets will mark the territory in case of uneasiness or at the conflict with in common living animals.
  5. Knots mark not so often as cable, is more often in the period of a techka.
  6. If there are problems with health, for example, presence of infections or inflammations of urinary tract will force to urinate an animal more often than usually.
  7. The pet is insufficiently accustomed to a toilet.
  8. Perhaps, the dog is afraid of separation from the owner and marks when that has to go to work or to be removed on affairs. In this case it is possible to apply "the principle of a contradiction", that is to create positive associations, having treated an animal with delicacy.

Ways of breaking

Having established the reason of constant tags, it is possible to try to cope with this problem. If visit of the veterinarian showed that the pet is absolutely healthy, then the owner should think of other ways of breaking:

Ways to Disaccustom a Dog to Mark the Territory

  1. The owner has to show to an animal who in the house the owner as such behavior at animals quite often arises because of the aspiration to dominate. Having firmly understood who is a leader, the dog will cease to mark the territory.
  2. An effective method is pronouncing firm "No" at the moment when it was succeeded to overtake a dog during tagging.
  3. Social factors it is also necessary to reduce, try to hold dogs far away from a knot in the period of a techka, you should not visit friends in whose house there is an animal, to avoid places where other dogs could mark.
  4. It is necessary to limit access to objects which the animal marks most often. It can be personal belongings of the owner or new acquisitions. It is necessary to store them higher, out of reach of a dog.

Main in this problem — is true to establish the reason of tags then to try to disaccustom a dog to it.

If the listed methods did not help to cope with an unpleasant situation, then it is necessary to consult to the expert in behavior of animals.

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