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of the Dog of the average size today. Of course, nobody will definitely tell with what time the dog lives with the person. Scientists are sure that a primogenitor of a modern dog are wolves. Who and as tamed this surprising animal, will remain a riddle, one is known precisely: they began to serve people for many centuries B.C.

Widespread Dogs of the Average Size
of the Dog of the average size are demanded today.

Annually selectors remove new animal species. Today 400 breeds are considered as officially recognized. of All dogs can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Big dogs: Caucasian sheep-dog, German mastiff, Irish wolfhound, Russian black terrier, St. Bernard.
  2. Dogs of average height: golden retriever, дратхаар, boxer.
  3. Small: chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, kleinspitz .

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The dog of the average size weighs from 12 to 26 kg with a height from 40 to 55 cm. They have a strong constitution, happen a different color, short-haired or long-haired.

the Most popular breeds

Each person chooses a dog on the taste. Before deciding on breed, it is necessary to know precisely, the dog is for what purpose got. If for hunting, then it Russian skewbald, a spaniel. For protection of the dwelling – sheep-dogs. as the lovely friend – decorative dogs. needs to estimate Further soberly conditions in which the pet will live: whether there is enough place for games and entertainments. The temperament of an animal plays a key role. Silent breeds of dog will be suitable active people for the quiet homebody, – on the contrary.

Bearded Collie

This breed of dog of the average size originates from the 16th century. There is an opinion that merchants brought sheep-dogs who began to copulate with local collies to Scotland. As a result there was this breed. The original name is connected with the fact that the dog is allocated with a beard. Initially they were used for protection of a flock of sheep. Today it is the excellent hunter and the friend. Became world-famous in 1987. Becomes the favourite in many countries. At this time the Bearded Collie begins to participate in various entertaining shows.

the Breed is subdivided into 3 subspecies:

  1. Starotipny – the extended head, rough lines, rigid shaggy wool, black eyes. A clean look, without modern completions of manufacturers.
  2. Patterdale is the improved breed, with long wool and softer lines. As a result of selection the hunting instinct was lost.
  3. The English Bearded Collie – an elegant view with fine feeling and the developed intelligence.

The dog treats group of averages. Growth up to 54 cm, weight is about 20 kg. The strong constitution, a muzzle square, a jaw heavy, eyes correspond to a color. Ears are trailing, but in case of danger rise up. The tail is lowered to the earth. Strong extremities. The color can be black, brown, gray.

The dog has self-respect. At the same time it is very friendly. Will always find a common language with all family members. It is playful and active, likes to frolic outdoors. Hard transfers loneliness. Easily gets on with children, responds to any movement. Sensitively reacts to requests of owners, gives in to training. These dogs with hunting will go to any travel. At the same time are not persuasive, clever and tactful. Are positive to pets. Quietly react to strangers in the house, but always on the lookout – you should not forget about a hunting instinct. Are very attached to members of household, protect the house selflessly. Like to walk without lead, demand the confidential relation to themselves. Will suit the people leading active lifestyle, cheerful and vigorous.

the Bearded Collie demands careful leaving. Such wool should be combed out daily, shreds which should be cut off then will be formed differently. After a meal the beard should be washed out. Long wool closes eyes therefore it is better to collect it in a bunch. It needs communication. Having remained Home Alone, will bark, drawing attention. Painfully reacts to shouts therefore it is necessary to bring up only by an encouragement method, otherwise the dog in general will refuse to fulfill the requirements of the owner.

Widespread Dogs of the Average Size
Bearded Collie

Tibetan terrier

It is dear friend and the good-natured pet. The breed in India is removed, differs in quiet temper and the developed intelligence. These are dogs of the average size, reach 40 cm. Have dense long wool. A muzzle with a bang which does not disturb eyes. Possess well developed muscles, strong extremities. the Colour can be gray, black, white.

Representatives of this breed of dog differ in peaceful character, are quiet and unpretentious in life. Will be ideal for families with small children. In the house to them there are no problems, but here to strangers are negative. The Tibetan terriers born defenders therefore will protect the house and family always.

Dogs are not jealous, quietly transfer presence in the house of other animals. Are not whimsical, all hygienic procedures take out with firmness. Love children, can participate in childish sports, suffer any manipulations. To kids with them it is very comfortable. Have a set of advantages:

  • well give in to training;
  • aggression is absent;
  • advanced intelligence;
  • differ in fine memory;
  • easily adapt to any conditions of accommodation and character of the owner.

For representatives of this breed regular trainings are obligatory, otherwise the pet is threatened by obesity. A weak point are teeth. Regular survey of the veterinarian and prevention of diseases will help to avoid serious problems. At a diet there have to be products containing calcium, without fail. If the person needs the quiet atmosphere in the house, then the Tibetan terrier will become the best choice.

Widespread Dogs of the Average Size
Tibetan terrier

Labrador retriever

Among thoroughbred dogs the leader is the labrador retriever. it wins first place In various exhibitions of the last years. This is a noble and friendly dog. Has appeasable character, thinks of the owner much, reacts to instructions from a half-word, has delicate ear and the developed intuition. These qualities brought dogs for work into the Ministry of Emergency Situations and customs. They are executive and responsible, hardy and patient. History defines their roots to Indians, then to fishermen of Britain. Anyway they always accomplished the duties with credit. Kind heart does them by favourites of family. But security guards from them bad. Any stranger will be met with a smile and joyful wagging of a tail. Excellent a feathery game hunters, guides and housekeepers, well swim. Seldom where you will meet such tremendous combination. Have the developed case and extremities, roundish paws. Muzzle of the correct forms, eyes clever and quiet. This is a lop-eared dog, ears adjoin to cheeks, have triangular shape. The color can be various: from black color to dairy. Wool short and dense, after swimming an underfur remains dry.

Sociable pets, do not take out loneliness. If to leave a Labrador for a long time of one, then will be not to learn the apartment. He will turn everything upside down, perervt curtains, will gnaw furniture and, to all other, will heart-rendingly howl. Adult animals are more tolerant, than kids. Gives them huge joy to misbehave together with children, sometimes can sweep away the disobedient tail everything that will occur in the path. Are inquisitive and playful throughout all life.

The eccentrical and foolish pet will bring a lot of trouble in process of growing. His curiosity knows no limit. He will try to get everywhere, and not only a nose, but also all over. As a result can fill to itself many cones and be traumatized. To walk only on a lead. arise the following situations More often:

  1. Rushes on passersby, demanding a game.
  2. If becomes interested in something, can not obey and run away.
  3. Rushes on birds and other animals.

He does not try to do harm to people around, just wants to play. But who will begin to understand when with an incredible speed this handsome rushes and pulls along on the owner's lead! For walking it is better to have a strong lead, it is desirable with metal rings. But such behavior is characteristic only at a growing stage. No inconveniences will be able to sadden mad delight and love which the Labrador gives to the owner.

Widespread Dogs of the Average Size
Labrador ретривер

Венгерская left

Dogs of the average size have such breed in the ranks as Hungarian left. This is one of the cleverest dogs. She is allocated with aristocratical appearance; in the past was favourite breed of the Hungarian nobility. Vistula – so call this dog tenderly. Wool happens two types: rigid long or short soft. The color is more often golden-brown. There can be a white spot at a breast. Feature is uniform color of a nose and small pillows of paws with a wool color.

cops, and love to hunting at these dogs in blood were Ancestors of a vyzhla. The main shortcoming is fear of water and shots that does not prevent a dog to be the excellent hunter. It is active and mobile, seldom sits in place. In the house silent, but as soon as goes outside, it cannot be appeased. In family becomes attached to one person and any more never changes the choice. At a long absence of the owner strongly grieves, can ache. It is better to support such dogs in country houses. Leaving special is not demanded. The main condition is frequent and long walkings. Considering passion to hunting, walks in the woods will bring to the pet unforgettable feelings. If in the house presence of other pets is supposed, then the vyzhl should accustom to the company since the childhood. Due to the lack of physical activity diseases of coxofemoral joints can develop; in a diet there have to be seafood and medicines of calcium. All recommendations can be received at the veterinarian.

Widespread Dogs of the Average Size
Hungarian выжла

Американский cocker spaniel

Studying breeds of dog, it is impossible to pass by this handsome. The doggie with large ears appeared as a result of experiments of the person. The hunting dog became the ancestor. You should not underestimate a spaniel. He is a great athlete who is capable to overcome long distances. It is allocated with thin hearing and magnificent intuition. Has quite strong case and paws.

"A doggie with large ears" – so speak of it in the people. Everyone wishes to scratch it behind an ear. The color can vary from monophonic to spotty. This pet is always given by eyes, clever and attentive, kind and quiet. Representatives of this breed of dog are allocated with mind and ingenuity. They are very restless, always look for occupations, cannot just lie and behold the world. They need to explore this world. Very devoted animals, often become attached to children. Have the developed intuition and sharply feel mood of all family members. For their these qualities also fell in love around the world.

It is difficult to look after them. Wool at the doggie with large ears causing a lot of delights needs regular and careful leaving:

  1. To bathe 1 time in 2 weeks.
  2. Carefully to select shampoo as these dogs are stronger than others are subject to skin diseases.
  3. Conditioner is necessary for wool which is applied after the main means.
  4. It is regularly necessary to comb out wool in order to avoid formation of koltun.

Difficulties with leaving cannot reduce love of the person to this doggie with large ears. The owner has to watch its food carefully. The appetite of a spaniel knows no limit, as a result the dog can get obesity. It is necessary to feed strictly on norm, and in the rest of the time I go better to remove. From early age it is necessary to forbid to select food on the street, otherwise it will be very difficult to eradicate this habit.

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As about a mongrel

Listing various breeds of dog, it is necessary to remember that many pets without breed find a shelter in kind and careful families. If the question of exhibitions, sporting achievements and cultivation is not necessary, then it is possible to stop the choice on any doggie. Each of them will present the owner with love and devotion. Dogs of the average size meet on streets every day. People call them mongrels. Dog of the yard and street. They are unpretentious because they have no choice. Are less susceptible to various diseases (unlike thoroughbred fellows). It could not be been ill and what sense, to treat them nobody. Tempered in street fights, in severe conditions are capable to survive despite everything. Having warmed such dog, it is possible to receive the reliable and devoted friend for the rest of life.

Does not matter what breed the pet, the main thing — to remember that life and wellbeing of an animal depends only on the person. It is a little attention and cares will make happy all family.

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