• Aug 29, 2019

"And how it — to tame?" — Little Prince asked.

"Is the forgotten concept long ago," — explained Lys. — "It means: to create bonds".

Who such wild dogs and whether it is possible to tame them?

Speaking about wild dogs, we mean not a "wild dog of a dingo", but dogs occurring from the domestic dogs but who were born and grew in the park, in the forest or even in the city, but living constantly in a distance from people. Here we will carry also the dogs born house, but who ran wild owing to the fact that on these or those circumstances were on street and remained a long time, in time to face cruelty of the person or successfully adjoined pack of wild dogs there.

 Wild dog of a photo

On a photo: wild dog. Photo: wikimedia.org

Such dogs can become domestic too, but to them special approach is necessary. And patience. Initially the patience is necessary to catch such dog, the majority of wild dogs belong to presence of the person with great caution, avoid it or keep at safe distance. Many volunteers know what work and what is the time and patience it is necessary for catching of a similar dog.

So, the wild dog is caught. What to us to do next?

First of all, I will tell that personally I consider that to catch a wild dog from Wednesday habitual to it we have to, being fully aware what adventure we start.

An adventure in good sense. Our purpose good: to present to this dog happiness of active, cheerful, full-fledged life with her person. But we should not forget one very important point: her life already was quite full until catching – she lived in Wednesday clear to it. Yes, from time to time starving, having from time to time from thirst, sometimes suffering hits by a stone or a stick, sometimes fed up, but it was her life clear to it. Where she survived on, already clear to her, laws. And there are we, Saviors, withdraw a dog from a situation, habitual for it, and …

 the Wild dog sleeps on the street of a photo

On a phot: wild dog. Photo: pexels.com

And here I want to stipulate very important point: if we take the responsibility on withdrawal of a wild dog from Wednesday, habitual for it, then, in my opinion, we have to offer it in exchange not existence and survival near the person (that is, adaptation to existence nearby of a constant stressor — the person), namely the joy of cohabitation with the friend who will become the person.

to Teach a wild dog to live in the neighbourhood with the person we will be able quickly enough, literally for few months. But whether to a dog will comfortably live near a constant irritant? Even if its intensity over time, in process of recognition of rules of existence in human society, weakens.

Without appropriate work on adaptation of a wild dog to accommodation in family we often face that, having broken from a lead once, the former and wild dog runs away, does not approach the person at whom she lived houses already over a year, quickly regresses practically to the initial state. Yes, she took accommodation in family for granted, she accustomed to the house, but did not learn to trust the person, to look for his protection and, let it is an antropromorfizm, but yes, did not learn to love it.

For full-fledged happy joint life with the person Friend the wild dog needs more time, and the person — has more than patience and efforts. Formation of affection of a wild dog for the person — process of purposeful work. And on you will call this process a lung.

How to adapt a wild dog to life in family? We will tell about it in the following articles.

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