• Dec 5, 2018

our little favourites need heat in the same way as we, their owners. They in the same way can ache and catch a cold. For this reason doggies need clothes in the winter.

Winter Clothes for Dogs

A few years ago the "dressed" dog caused laughter. Passersby twirled by a finger at a temple supposedly why to torment an animal. Now you will surprise with it nobody any more. And the doggie in a winter kombinezonchik is perceived as self-evident. You will find clothes for dogs of all flowers and styles in any pet-shop practically for any breed.

The clothes for dogs have several main functions.

The following situation is known to all: you go out for a walk in slush with a nice well-groomed doggie, and the huge lump of dirt comes back home. Not the most pleasant show. And, of course, it is much simpler to clean dog overalls and to wash up small boots, than to bathe a restless being after each autumn walk.

Winter Clothes for Dogs

In the winter tiny doggies, such as chihuahua, a toy terrier or the Chinese crested can catch a cold. Besides, many strongly are mistaken, considering that Yorkshire terriers long beautiful wool saves them in the winter. However, it absolutely not so. Dogs of these breeds have no underfur, therefore, in the winter these lovely fluffies very strongly freeze. And in a winter tulupchik it will not be cold definitely.

Well and, at last, in winter clothes of a doggie look very funny and lovely. Passersby always pay attention to such "dandies", causing the sea of smiles and affection. Well how here not to smile when by you it is proud the Yorkshire terrier in a bright green kombinezonchik with a hood and red boots paces!

Winter Clothes for Dogs

Most often, dog clothes is made of velor, wool, cotton, silk and satin.

In pet-shop, of course, the huge choice of suits, fur coats, sheepskin coats, overalls and even small shoes for dogs. But it costs little at all not. For this reason many owners sew clothes to little favourites independently. And it is fine. Precisely, anybody will have no such clothes.

So, we understood why dogs need winter clothes and found out that it not only is stylish and fashionable, but also it is just necessary, especially for tiny breeds.

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