• Dec 24, 2019
Feeding of a wire-haired fox terrier is of great importance. That the wire-haired fox terrier fully developed and well felt, good nutrition is necessary. The diet will depend on "profession" of a dog, requirements of a concrete organism and age.
 a wire-haired fox terrier

On a photo: Wire-haired fox terrier

in general, feeding of a wire-haired fox terrier submits to same to rules , as feeding of other dogs, however is features.

Feeding of a wire-haired fox terrier: what to choose?

Even before appearance of a puppy to you should be solved, than you will feed a wire-haired fox terrier: naturalkoy or dry feed .
If you the supporter of natural feeding, it is necessary to make efforts that the diet was balanced.
The structure of a diet for a wire-haired fox terrier has to be the following:


Animal protein: meat, fish.



Vegetable food and cellulose (rice, porridge, buckwheat, carrots, pumpkin, vegetable marrows).

That how often feed a wire-haired fox terrier, depends on his age.

Age of a fox terrier

the Number of feedings in day

1.5 — 3 months

of 5 — 6 times a day

of 3 — 6 months

of 4 — 5 times a day

of 6 — 9 months

3 times a day

9 months Are more senior than

2 times a day

do not forget
that there are products which are forbidden for dogs .

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