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Why Dobermann terriers?

the Dobermann terrier was a childhood dream. But, naturally, more nobody wanted to bring him because lived in the small apartment. I read many books, went to dog agility (and first with a neighbour's dog as the was not) and smoothly went getting a Dobermann terrier. Very much it was pleasant to me that it is big dogs, and workers who will just not stay at home on a sofa.
Dobermann Terrier Adult and Puppy of a Photo
On a photo: adult Dobermann terrier and puppy

What character at a Dobermann terrier?

the Dobermann terrier was removed as a dog bodyguard. They are very attached to the owner and are dependent on him, but if you are threatened by danger, she will not wait for your team, and itself will make the decision to protect you.
From experience: With my present dog we started going to protection in the 5th month ев, and I began to notice after a month of occupations that he independently "watches" people who cause in it suspicions.
In the majority Dobermann terriers choleric persons or sanguine persons, very often prevails the mixed type. As now breed popular and cultivation people who not really responsibly approach issues of selection, the majority of Dobermann terriers — choleric persons are engaged in time: mobile, unruly and in some moments hysterical. Less often sanguine persons — dogs rather balanced, peaceful, stable to various irritants meet. And though in movies and in clips they are presented as "dogs Cerberuses", actually, it not so. At due education if the puppy grows in love and caress, it is kind, absolutely adequate dog who is afraid of nothing and perfectly communicates both with adults, and with children. But even the choleric person if to work, work with him and once again to work, will become a good dog.
Dobermann Terriers of a Photo
On a photo: Dobermann terriers
my senior dog of Gracie — the pronounced choleric person, and not really successful cultivation. She in panic is afraid of shots – so that it is hammered into a case and hides there. She is not so silly, very sociable, but from overexcitation begins to bark. And though in the childhood she had a good socialization, she does not love other dogs at all: does not show aggression, just tries to be from them as it is possible further.
A my dog Til is rather firm sanguine person, balanced and quiet.
If to speak about breed in general, Dobermann terriers are dogs brave, mentally steady, friendly, ready together with the owner to jerk though on the world's end.
Dobermann Terrier of a Photo
On a photo: dog of breed Dobermann terrier
Dobermann terriers are very mobile, love active run, swimming. This is a dog not for the lazy owner. I would even tell that ideally it is a dog not for the apartment, and for the private house, but with contents not on the street because because of short wool the Dobermann terrier very easily freezes, and in the winter it needs to be dressed in overalls or a body cloth when you go for a walk.
the Dobermann terrier is not inclined to unmotivated aggression. If the dog is mentally healthy, she is not beaten and not tortured, without the reason she will not show aggression. And the first they are not spoiling for a fight.
From experience: The Dobermann terrier remarkably gets on with other animals. We except Dobermann terriers have a cat, and quite characteristic. He adores dogs and plays with them. They sleep together. And in general Dobermann terriers treat any animals very kindly, whether it be even horses, goats or sheep. The main thing — the correct education.
Dobermann Terrier and Cat of a Photo
On a photo: Dobermann terrier and cat
the Dobermann terrier is rather patient, but it is better to take a dog when children a little grow up in family with children and will understand what is good and that is bad. If so it happened that at you there lives a Dobermann terrier and the child, as a rule, of problems appeared too does not arise — these dogs very tremblingly and tenderly treat children. But only in case were engaged in education of a dog.

it is easy to train a Dobermann terrier?

Dobermann terriers perfectly give in to training what there was told. It is "missal", at it in blood the thirst for work on the platform and ability to study quickly is put. And here the fact that not all people are able to train correctly is already other question.
the Dobermann terrier is a dog with whom it is necessary to visit the cynologist. No matter, the first at you a dog or not. Even if you have an experience, occupations with the cynologist — it is better, than independent training. And it is worth choosing the expert who already worked with Dobermann terriers and knows specifics of breed.
Two Dobermann Terriers of a Photo
On a photo: two dogs of breed Dobermann terrier
From experience: Dobermann terriers easily study, but sometimes like to bungle, and they should show that training — it is really interesting that the dog thought: "Yes with you it is cheerful! I want to play with you, but not to bite you and to be afraid." Initial training is and there is, in fact, a game.
the Dobermann terrier — as the pioneer, "is always ready". It with pleasure joins in any activity and motirvirutsya very easily. But there is still a question of individual preferences. Some like a toy more, and some — yum-yum. My dogs perfectly work both at that, and at that. But most of all Dobermann terrier loves the person, and the person is the best entertainment.
Dobermann Terrier of a Photo
On a photo: Dobermann terrier
the Dobermann terrier — a universal dog. She can be taught as office disciplines (the IPO, ZKS, etc.), and to tricks. I know many Dobermann terriers able to collect children's pyramids from ringlets, to do hare or to go on hinder legs. There are even circus numbers with participation of Dobermann terriers. Despite stereotypes about terrible appearance, the Dobermann terrier can participate also in a kanisterapiya.

As far as Dobermann terriers healthy dogs?

Average life expectancy at modern Dobermann terriers — 9 — 10 years. It is not enough, but such is reality.
Modern Dobermann terriers very often die of heart troubles. It is connected with insufficiently responsible approach to selection. Besides, now Dobermann terriers became larger, and it had an impact on health too, the dog, the more load of an organism, including of heart is larger.
One more problem — a dysplasia, as at big dogs big load of joints.
From experience: It is very important to choose correctly the manufacturer and to competently grow up a puppy. Much attention should be paid to the favourite's parents that on genetics they were "clean".
At some dogs is shown a tremor — a nervous disease.
Dobermann terriers are inclined to an allergy, especially to food.
for the rest Dobermann terriers are dogs rather strong. But in Belarus because of problems with cultivation of a healthy puppy of a Dobermann terrier to find extremely difficult.
Dobermann Terriers of a Photo
On a photo: E.A. Masterova's Dobermann terriers

How to feed a Dobermann terrier?

to Eat
for Dobermann terriers is a favourite business! Of course, they are not such food industry workers as Labradors, but do not complain of appetite. They love everything: a dry feed, meat or cookie which can be dragged off. I did not meet choosy Dobermann terriers.
Though they have a sense of proportion, and they are capable to tell themselves "stop". My dog can leave a portion unfinished if considers that he is full. Though it is extremely rare, it is too much those who with pleasure will eat up. In big family do not click a beak.
From experience: My dogs on natural food. First, I like to know precisely that my dog eats, so I can combine structure at discretion, proceeding from needs of the pet. It not only meat, but also offal, and vegetables, eggs, fish. Secondly, me not laziness to go to choose and buy products in different places, though time for it leaves quite a lot.
In day the Dobermann terrier eats about 1.2 kg of meat, an offal and vegetables.
my dog adores vegetables and even steals them. Meat is not necessary to it — give a vegetable marrow. And if he sees a vegetable marrow, then does not see anything around himself any more.
Forage for a Dobermann Terrier of a Photo
On a photo: a forage for a Dobermann terrier

it is difficult to look after a Dobermann terrier?

Is the myth that sleek-haired dogs fade less than long-haired. It is a lie. Dobermann terriers fade, and quite strongly and almost all the year round. It is not feature of breed, and more likely climate. And wool reminds needles which are hammered everywhere and to pull out them very hard. Damp cleaning is carried out in the apartment of at least 1 times a day.
Dobermann Terrier of a Photo
On a photo: Dobermann terrier and E.A. Masterova
After a meal to a Dobermann terrier needs to wipe a muzzle, otherwise he will perfectly make it, for example, about you or about a sofa. It should be done in order that on a muzzle did not pour out irritation.
From experience: Gracie at me rather clean, bypasses pools. And here Til as a tank goes to the dirt. But if to take the small river, even dirty and smelly, high probability that there Gracie, and regardless of season will get. But, despite it, the Dobermann terrier is not that dog who with pleasure will roll in dirt. After walk we wash to dogs of a paw and a stomach with a shower.
there is no
in general, difficulties in care of a Dobermann terrier.
Dobermann Terrier of a Photo
On a photo: Dobermann terrier
of the Photo of Dobermann terriers from personal archive of E.A. Masterova

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