• Feb 26, 2020
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a canine friend, and there is a natural question: what to begin training of a puppy with? The correct beginning of training of a puppy – one of success components in this field.

 Puppy of a German shepherd of a photo of

On a photo: puppy of a German shepherd. Photo: pxfuel.com

Training of a puppy: what it is necessary to begin with?

Thinking of what to begin with training of a puppy, it is necessary to remember what is training in general. Training is not only training in skills. To understand this training of a dog the person to distinguish censure and a praise, to learn language of a body and voice commands, an opportunity to create attachment.

So, the beginning of training – it, first of all, training of the owner. Read books on ethology and zoopsychology, you watch video tutorials – but it is important to choose those which are based on the competent approach which is buttressed up scientific by facts.

Remember that bans and punishments do not form behavior of a dog. And even if you thus, not most effective, by the way, you will frighten a puppy and you will force it to refuse some behavior, he will not learn how it is NECESSARY to behave in this or that difficult situation. And it is important to teach it. And here the method will come to the rescue positive reinforcement.

At a puppy aged up to 12 weeks the game behavior is formed. And if during this period not to develop a game, then then it will be quite difficult to play the pet. And a game is a basis of training! All training of a puppy is based only in the form of a game.

Remembering these bases of training puppy, you can teach him to anything!

to What teams should teaching a puppy at the beginning of training?

The beginning of training of a puppy can to include:

  • Schooling to a nickname.
  • Switching of attention from a toy to a toy.
  • "Give" training in team.
  • Acquaintance to targets (for example, training to touch a nose your palm or to put on a target front or back pads). This skill in the future considerably will simplify training in many teams.
  • Sit team.
  • Stand team.
  • Lie team.
  • Team "Look for".
  • Endurance bases.
  • Simple tricks (for example, "Spinning top", "Top" or "Snake").
  • Place team.
  • To Me team.

If you are not sure that you will be able to provide the correct beginning of training of a puppy, you can address the professional working with method of a positive reinforcement or to use our videocourses on training and education of dogs by humane methods.

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