• Dec 11, 2019
the Question " what to feed with
a biver-Yorkshire terrier " it is necessary to solve still before the puppy appears in your house. You can choose a dry feed or "naturalka", but precisely you should not feed a biver with waste from a table: it can pour out in problems with health and wool deterioration.

On a photo: biver-Yorkshire terrier

For biver-Yorkshire terriers are fair the general rules of feeding of dogs which you will be able to study on our website in the section "Life with the Pet". However there are features of feeding characteristic of biver-Yorkshire terriers.
  • the Frequency of feeding depends on age of a biver-Yorkshire terrier.
Age of a biver-Yorkshire terrier
feeding Frequency
of 3 — 6 months
4 times a day
of 6 — 12 months
3 times a day
12 months Are more senior than
2 times a day

  • If you the supporter naturalki , then meat has to make at least a half of a daily diet of a biver-Yorkshire terrier.
  • meat is given to Biver-yorku boiled.
  • food Volume for a biver-Yorkshire terrier pays off as follows
Weight of a biver-Yorkshire terrier
Volume of a portion of food
Everyone 500 гр weight
1 tablespoon
That is the biver-Yorkshire terrier weighing 3 kg eats 6 tablespoons of food.

  • the Shortage of fats in a diet of a biver can lead to peeling of skin, rash or sores.
    the Lack of sodium and chlorine causes dryness of skin and loss of wool, the lack of copper leads to pigmentation loss.
  • About a lack of zinc it is possible to judge by emergence of plaques, crusts in a radical part of hair, in mouth corners, around eyes, ears, etc.
  • Unbalanced reception of iodide connections worsens wool, doing it fragile and short.
  • the Deficiency of biotin can develop into inflammation of sebaceous glands, naggers and dandruff.
  • If there were problems, there can be desire "to stuff" the pet with vitamins. However you should not do it, without having consulted with the veterinarian
Gipervitaminoz, as well as hypovitaminosis, can lead to sad consequences. Therefore at the slightest trouble it is necessary to address the veterinarian.

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