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Think over the answer to a question a question "what to feed with a Japanese chin" before the puppy appears at you in the house. At first adhere to the scheme developed by the manufacturer. All changes have to be gradual.

Mode of feeding of a Japanese chin (puppy and adult dog)

Age of a dog the Number of feedings in day
2 months 5 — 6 times
2 — 4 months 4 times
4 — 7 months 3 times
Adult Japanese chin 2 times
remove the Bowl for food in 15 minutes after the beginning of feeding even if in it there was a food. But clear fresh water has to be in continuous access.
Food has to be room temperature, not hot and not cold.

What to feed with

a Japanese chin at natural food

Proteinaceous food for a Japanese chin includes
  • low-fat beef (it is desirable crude)
  • chicken,
  • turkey,
  • offal,
  • sea fish (all above-mentioned — in a boiled look)
  • fermented milk products (curdled milk, cottage cheese, kefir).
Sources of carbohydrates:
  • porridge (oat-flakes, buckwheat, rice),
  • vegetables (stewed, boiled or crude).
Before adding vitamin and mineral fertilizing to a diet of a Japanese chin, consult with the veterinarian. The overdose can be also dangerous, as well as a lack of useful substances.
in a coma a case do not give to a dog chocolate, sweets, salty, sharp, pork, smoked products, sausage and sausages, pasta, white loaf, sour cream, cream, mayonnaise, cake cheeses, crude egg white, bean, potato, bones (tubular are especially dangerous), waste from a table and any low-quality or spoiled products.

the Dry feed for a Japanese chin

If you prefer to
a dry feed, follow instructions of the manufacturer. Also choose a forage a premium or a superpremium class. Other products in this case do not join in a diet — they will only break balance of nutrients.

If the pet looks good, is active, cheerful and vigorous, moderately well-fed — means, you feed him correctly.
 the Japanese chin of a photo On a photo: Japanese chin

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