• Jan 9, 2020

The question " As well as what to feed a maltese with " very important, depends on it health, wellbeing and appearance of your pet.

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How many once a day to feed a maltese?

The number of feedings in day depends on age of a maltese.

Age of a maltese

the Number of feedings in day

2 – 3 months


of 3 - 6 months


of 6 - 12 months


is also more senior than

of 12 months


How many a forage it is necessary for a maltese?

If you feed a maltese with a dry feed, then when determining quantity of a forage it is worth being guided by the recommendations of the producer on packing.

If you chose natural products for feeding of a maltese, the following volume of a forage is recommended: 1 tablespoon x 500 g of weight of a maltese on 1 time.

That is if your maltese weighs 3 kg, then for once she will eat 6 tablespoons of food.

How to feed a maltese with natural food?

If you chose natural products for feeding of a maltese, the following components have to enter a diet:

  • Meat low-fat, boiled (beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit, sea fish).
  • Fermented milk products low-fat (cottage cheese, kefir, curdled milk).
  • Porridge (buckwheat or rice).
  • Vegetables (boiled), fruit and greens.

Consider that malteses prefer constancy in food and reluctantly try new products.

Most likely, at natural feeding of a maltese you should add vitamins and mineral fertilizing to food. However before getting them, it is worth consulting with the veterinarian.

with What it is impossible to feed a maltese?

The forbidden products for a maltese include:

  • Smoked products.
  • Sweet, farinaceous food, chocolate.
  • Leftovers from your table.
  • Fat.
  • Fried.
  • Any low-quality products.

It is possible to feed a maltese with a dry feed?

The maltese can be fed also with a dry feed, however it is important to stop on products a premium or a superpremium class. Also when choosing a dry feed for a maltese consider the pet's size, age, a way of life and level of activity.

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