• Jan 20, 2020

in the homeland of an Akita Inu eat rice, seafood, fish, fruit, vegetables and seaweed salads. Therefore the more the Japanese blood in your pet, the more his digestion is focused on a similar diet. In this case manifestation of an allergy to chicken, a turkey, beef, corn, dairy products, oats and wheat is possible. The representative of breed with pleasure will regale on meat of an elk, roe or deer — if, of course, you from this will find something.
Ask the manufacturer, than the kid ate. At first it is worth feeding him also, new products are entered gradually.
If you are going to feed a dog with natural food, it is possible to give the fat-free kefir, cottage cheese, veal, sea fish (boiled), boiled eggs, fruit and vegetables. Vitamins and mineral fertilizing are obligatory (but for the choice and a dosage consult with the expert). It is also possible to add the seaweed containing iodine.
Feeding by dry feeds can seem more convenient, however remember that the majority of similar forages are rich with soy which is badly acquired by representatives of breed. Therefore the choice of a forage — business extremely responsible. The source of protein has to be only one, and better if it is fish (anchovies, sardines, a salmon, a tuna) or a duck.
the Quantity of a protein should not exceed 26%, fat there have to be 12 — 18%. As a rule, it is a class холистик. The best source of carbohydrate is rice. The forage with the maintenance of corn or wheat does not approach. But it concerns adult dogs, for a puppy it is worth choosing less fat forage.

the 2-hmesyachny puppy eats
5 — 6 times a day, from 5 months — 3 times a day, from 9 months — 2 times, as well as adults. But it is possible to feed a dog 3 times a day, small portions.

the Forbidden products: greasy, spicy food, bones, fresh bread, sweets.
Active walks and trainings will see to food. After meal rest is necessary for a dog.

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