• Dec 4, 2019

the Question " what to feed with
an American cocker spaniel " it is necessary to solve still before the puppy appears in your house.
 the American cocker spaniel of a photo On a photo: American cocker spaniel

Features of feeding of an American cocker spaniel

the Bowl for drinking water surely has to be steady and heavy. Put it near a bowl for feeding, you watch purity and regularly fill with fresh water.

the Bowl for feeding of an American cocker spaniel has to be steady and massive that your pet could not carry it in teeth or overturn.

Cannot be used as ware for feeding of a dog the burst plates or bowls with jags and roughnesses at the bottom as the dog can wound about them language.

during feeding the American cocker spaniel can soil a floor. It is possible to avoid it, having put under a bowl with food the newspaper or a wooden plate with the cut opening for the bowl bottom.

the long, covered with dense wool ears which in the course of feeding can get to a bowl and be soiled by
At an American cocker spaniel. To avoid it, it is possible to fasten or use them a special hat. A good alternative is use of high and narrow bowls.

The number of feedings in day depends on age of a dog.

Age of an American cocker spaniel
the Number of feedings in day
2 – 3 months
3 – 4 months
of 4 - 8 months
8 months Are more senior than
Time establish
depending on a daily routine.

Attentively observe the pet. If the dog eats greedy and long licks an empty bowl, so a stern insufficiently and if the animal eats without hurrying or at it at meal time the stomach is strongly inflated – the spaniel overeats.

the Daily diet of a dog has to correspond to age and activity which she shows.

can include various mineral additives, the vitaminized medicines and cod-liver oil In a diet of an American cocker spaniel. If you do not know precisely what amount of mineral additives needs to be given, address for council the veterinarian.

with What to feed an American cocker spaniel: dry feed or "naturalka"?

On sale is available a large number of ready-made feeds for dogs among whom there are both dry feeds, and canned food. Good ready forages include a full complex of the minerals, vitamins, proteins and fats necessary for the correct development and growth of a spaniel. It is important to choose a forage which corresponds to age and activity of your favourite. Just before purchase of ready-made feeds specify the term of its validity and learn in what conditions it was stored.

If you prefer to
natural forages, it is possible to give to an American cocker spaniel the following products:
  • fermented milk products (kefir, cottage cheese, curdled milk),
  • meat (chicken or turkey, lamb),
  • fillet of fish,
  • cereals (rice, buckwheat, oat-flakes),
  • vegetables and fruit (the wiped crude carrots, vegetable marrows, pumpkin, apples).
The forbidden products for an American cocker spaniel : potatoes, beans, corn, tubular bones, seasonings and also scraps from your table.

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