• Jan 9, 2020

The question " with What to feed an Italian greyhound " it is very important as health, wellbeing and appearance of the pet depends on it. So with what to feed an Italian greyhound in house conditions?

 the Grey Italian greyhound costs a photo

On a photo: Italian greyhound. Photo: wikipedia

It is possible to choose a dry feed or natural products.

the Dry feed for an Italian greyhound

It is convenient to feed an Italian greyhound with a dry feed: this product contains all necessary, it is easy to store it and it is not necessary to prepare in addition. However all this is fair only for forages of high quality: premium or superpremium class. Only such forages are suitable for Italian greyhounds. It is not recommended to save on a dry feed categorically – it can be fraught with problems with health.

Choosing a dry feed for an Italian greyhound, be guided by age of a dog, fatness and level of activity.

Defining norm of feeding, be guided by instructions of the producer on packing.

with What to feed an Italian greyhound at natural food

If you choose natural feeding of an Italian greyhound, your responsibility – to provide to a dog a full-fledged diet. What does the Italian greyhound diet at natural feeding have to include?

  1. Meat – a diet basis of an Italian greyhound. Meat can be given crude (if you are sure that it underwent the most strict health control) or boiled. It is better to choose low-fat beef or mutton. Pork dogs are not given.
  2. Vegetable oil – 2 – 3 times a week can be added to a forage. Norm – a dessertspoon for an adult Italian greyhound and a half – for a puppy.
  3. Offal (hem, lungs, liver, heart). Consider that offal give more, than meat.
  4. Fish. It is possible to give boiled fish, previously having got from her bones.
  5. Fermented milk products: cottage cheese or kefir (low-fat).
  6. Boiled eggs (no more than 1 - 2 in a week).
  7. Porridge, vegetables and fruit. It is better to give them separately from meat and definitely not as the main forage. It is impossible to give to an Italian greyhound bean (for example, haricot, peas or lentil).
  8. Dried fruits – can be given in the form of delicacy.
feed the Adult Italian greyhound twice a day.

And than you fed an Italian greyhound, in access always there has to be clear fresh water which needs to be changed at least two times a day.

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