• Jan 4, 2020

The question " with what to feed бо? " it is very important, the health and appearance of the pet depends on it. At first adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer about feeding of a puppy бо. All changes are entered into a diet of a dog gradually.

 бо lies on a photo grass

On a photo: puppy бо. Photo: google

Feeding frequency бо depends on age of a dog.

Age of a puppy бо

the Number of feedings бо in day

2 – 3 months


3 – 4 months


of 4 - 7 months


7 months Are more senior than


It is necessary to buy bowls for food and water. The bowl for food washes after each feeding бо. Water it is necessary to change a minimum twice a day. Water has to be in continuous access.

бо it is possible to feed with a dry feed or natural products.

How to choose a dry feed for бо?

The dry feed for бо is convenient that it is easy to store it, and it contains all necessary for a dog, that is represents the balanced diet. Certainly, it is fair if we tell about sterns a premium or a superpremium class. It is impossible to feed a dog with a cheap forage – it is fraught with problems with health, and imaginary economy will pour out in heavy expenses.

The choice of a forage depends on age of a dog, the size, fatness and level of activity. It is necessary to choose puppy food (if yours бо still a puppy) or adult dogs of large breeds. There are also special forages for elderly dogs.

The quantity of a dry feed for бо in day depends on the weight of a dog. To define how many the dry feed is necessary for yours бо, be guided by the instruction of the producer on packing.

If the dry feed chosen by you did not approach for бо, it is worth looking for forages of other producers. You remember, however, that transfer бо on a new forage happens gradually.

with What to feed бо at natural food?

Some owners prefer to feed бо with natural products, however in this case it is more difficult to offer a dog the balanced and full-fledged diet.

If you the supporter of natural feeding бо, it is necessary to include the following products in a diet of a dog:

  • Meat (low-fat) – about 60% of a diet бо. Dogs cannot give pork.
  • Offal (language, heart, trimming, diaphragm, udder, hem, trachea, lungs).
  • Fish (sea fish can be given in the raw, river – in boiled), from whom bones – 1 – 2 time a week instead of meat are removed.
  • Fruit and vegetables – 20 – 40% of a diet (crude or steamed, rubbed or processed in the blender) are a source of cellulose. Potatoes dogs are not given.
  • Fermented milk products (low-fat kefir, cottage cheese, curdled milk).
  • Porridge (buckwheat or rice), but only in very small amounts.
  • Eggs – no more than 1 - 2 in a week, in a boiled look.
  • Vegetable oil (linen, sunflower not refined, corn or olive) – 1 tablespoon in every portion of food.
Food for бо has to be room temperature.

All products for бо have to be fresh and qualitative.

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