• Dec 14, 2019

A question "with what to feed Boston terrier" it is extremely important. It needs to be solved before the dog appears in your house.

Features of feeding Boston terrier

Consider that the stomach Boston terrier has the small volume so it is better to feed a dog in the small portions, but is more often. And if adult dogs are fed by 2 – 3 times a day, then the puppy Boston terrier of 2 months from a sort is fed by 6 times a day. To the 9th month number of feedings Boston terrier same, as well as at an adult dog.

You should not give to the pet food right after walk or physical activities.

It is better that the morning portion of a forage for Boston terrier was more vespers.

Remember that the reforage is also harmful, as well as an underfeeding.

with What to feed Boston terrier: natural food or dry feed?

You can choose for feeding Boston terrier both a dry feed, and "naturalka". Each option has the pluses and minuses.

If you decided to feed Boston terrier with a dry feed, choose products a premium and a superpremium class. Be guided by age, the size and fatness of a dog and also by activity level.

If you choose for feeding Boston terrier natural products, your task – it is correct to make a diet.

with What to feed Boston terrier at natural food?

Boston terrier has to receive the following products:

  • Meat.
  • Fish (boiled).
  • Cottage cheese (fat-free).
  • Boiled eggs or a crude egg yolk (1 piece a week).
  • Vegetables and greens.

Meat has to make the most part of a diet Boston terrier. It is possible to give it both crude, and boiled.

The forbidden products for Boston terrier:

  • Tubular bones.
  • Sweets and in particular chocolate.
  • Salty, sharp, fat and fried.
  • Waste from a table and any low-quality products.

Than you fed Boston terrier ("naturalka" or a dry feed), it has to have a continuous access to fresh water.

 Boston terrier on a photo grass

On a photo: Boston terrier. Photo: bterrier.com

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