• Dec 3, 2019
"With what to feed the American Akita?" — very responsible question which has to be solved before appearance of a dog at your place. At first adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer. All changes are entered into a diet gradually.

in general, feeding of the American Akita submits to to the general rules of feeding of dogs .

What to feed with

the American Akita: dry feed or natural products?

the American Akita, as well as any other dog, it is possible to feed with a dry feed or natural products .

If you the supporter of natural food, products have to be qualitative. At the same time adhere to the following structure of a diet:

Products contents Percent in a diet
Meat 50%
Kashi 25%
Vegetables, mineral additives, vitamins 25%
Quantity of a forage depends on the sizes of a dog. On average the adult American Akita has to receive the following diet:

Products Quantity
Meat 600 — 800 гр in day
Porridge 250 — 400 гр in day
Vegetables 250 — 400 гр in day
Eggs 1 piece a week
Fertilizing To destination veterinarian

If you feed a dog with a dry feed, then the protein content (protein) should not be more than 32%. The high-protein forage can be the cause of allergic reaction at the American Akita.

How many once a day to feed with

the American Akita?

Mode of feeding of the American Akita (puppy and adult dog):

Age of a dog the Number of feedings in day
2 – 3 months 5 times (approximately at 6, 10, 14, 18 and 22 hours). Do not feed with night of a puppy.
3 – 5 months 4 times (6, 11, 16, 21 hour)
5 – 12 months 3 times (6, 13, 21 hour)
12 months Are more senior 2 times
That was not the zavorot of guts, it is better to feed a dog after walk. After a meal avoid jumps and bustle.

Is good if there is an opportunity to feed a puppy from a support which is located at the level of a breast.

Choosing mineral fertilizing and vitamins, consult with the veterinarian. Most often the puppy of the American Akita at the age of 3 – 8 months (the period of active growth) is given mineral fertilizing. It is better to choose that where a ratio of calcium and phosphorus 3:1 or 2:1. The additives containing iodine can become useful — they will prevent problems with a thyroid gland.

the American Akita — a large and heavy dog therefore, most likely, not to do without hondroprotektor — the medicines influencing development of bones and joints. As a rule, they are given to puppies at the age of 4 — 8 months.

do not allow obesity — excess weight not only will negatively affect health of a dog, but also will give additional load of joints.

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