• Dec 10, 2019
the Question " what to feed with
the English cocker spaniel " it is necessary to solve still before the puppy appears in your house. At first adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer. All changes are entered into a diet gradually.
 the Red English cocker spaniel of a photo

On a photo: English cocker spaniel

with What to feed the English cocker spaniel: "naturalka" or dry feed?

it is important to
to decide that it is more convenient for you and it is better for a dog: dry feed or natural food. Each type of feeding has the pluses and minuses.

a quality Dry feed (a premium and a superpremium class) is already balanced, and you do not need to think of drawing up a diet. It is convenient to store and take it in the road. When choosing a dry feed it is necessary to consider age of a dog, level of activity and fatness.

However most often eat natural food of a dog more willingly. But at the same time it is necessary to spend time for cooking and to make a diet so that it was balanced and full, and it is hard.

of What definitely should not do is to feed the English cocker spaniel with food from the table. The system of digestion of people and dogs functions differently, and the needs for quality, quantity and types of food strongly differ.

How many once a day to feed with

the English cocker spaniel?

feed with
of the Puppy more often than an adult dog. The number of feedings depends on age of a puppy.

Age of the English cocker spaniel
the Number of feedings in day
Amount of food (at natural feeding)
2 — 4 months
Up to 2 tablespoons in 1 feeding
of 4 — 6 months
of 4 — 5 tablespoons in 1 feeding
of 6 — 12 months
Depending on fatness and the level of activity of a dog
12 months Are more senior than

Rules of feeding of the English cocker spaniel

the English cocker spaniels are predisposed to an allergy therefore each new ingredient is entered gradually, and you need to trace attentively whether there are no manifestations of an allergy: nagger, reddenings of skin, dacryagogue, wool loss, etc. If noticed something from listed, as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

the English cocker spaniels have enviable appetite and adore begging. From you improbable hardness will be required to resist to an imploring look of eternally hungry pet – and still it is necessary to show it. Otherwise the dog will quickly acquire extra kilos, and it is unhealthy.
 the English cocker spaniel with a sad look of a photo

On a photo: the English cocker spaniel

Time of feeding has to be constant.

the Place where the English cocker spaniel eats, has to be dry, clean, with good ventilation.

with What to feed the English cocker spaniel at natural food?

At natural feeding have to enter a diet of the English cocker spaniel the following products:
  1. Meat (beef or chicken meat) – up to 300 g a day.
  2. the Offal (a boiled liver, a stomach, heart) – instead of meat, but in this case the quantity in comparison with meat increases by 30%.
  3. Fish (sea, boiled) – up to 3 times a week instead of meat.
  4. Fermented milk products: kefir, cottage cheese, curdled milk (low-fat).
  5. Porridge on water (porridge, buckwheat or rice).
  6. Fruit (melon, pear or apple).
  7. Vegetables (carrots, vegetable marrow, pumpkin, cucumber).
the Forbidden products for the English cocker spaniel:
  1. Citrus.
  2. Svinina.
  3. Sweets.
  4. Kostya (they can become the reason of periodontosis or stomatitis).
  5. River fish.
  6. Smoked products and sausages.
  7. Bean.
  8. Tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages.
  9. Salty, spicy, fried food.
  10. Any stale or low-quality products.
Ears at the English cocker spaniel very long and at food often get to a bowl and are soiled in its contents. To avoid it, it is possible to buy a special bowl (high, made narrower to top) or to fasten ears for the period of feeding behind a-headed soft elastic band.

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