• Jan 15, 2020
the Question " what to feed with
the French bulldog " it is extremely important — health of a dog depends on it.
the French bulldogs belong to medium-sized breeds of dog and eat a little. At the balanced food they have no food allergies, and a diet of a bulldog differ in nothing from a diet of any other breed of the small size.
 the French bulldog On a photo: French bulldog, owner Elena Silich
Access to water has to be constantly.

What to feed with

the French bulldog: dry feed or natural food?

When using a dry feed it has to be a premium and a super-premium class (that is qualitative structure and the correct balance).
Never throw to a puppy of the French bulldog food on a floor or on the earth, do not allow it anything to take from the earth.

If you prefer to feed a dog with natural food, be convinced that in it there are enough all necessary substances. Their shortage can lead to diseases.

Food should not be too liquid or dense, too hot or cold.

to Dogs porridges (porridge, pearl barley, buckwheat, rice) give to
beef, an offal (a liver, kidneys, heart, ears, lungs, tails), soups (fish or meat broth with vegetables).

with What cannot feed the French bulldog?

Cannot give to the French bulldog:
  1. Kostya of birds.
  2. to Svinin.
  3. Greasy and fried food.
  4. Crude fish.
  5. Sweets, confectionery.
  6. White fresh loaf, fritters, pies, pasta.
  7. Salt, spices.
  8. Marinated products.
  9. Potatoes, peas, haricot.
  10. Sausage, sausages, smoked products.
  11. the Remains from a table.

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