• Aug 22, 2019

How many different myths exist about food! And though the human diet is discussed much more often dog, any silly inventions are enough also in the last. Look!

For certain, everyone who makes to himself a canine friend at once faces a huge number of councils. Them, it is necessary or it is not necessary, more skilled share in this case friends. Most likely, and you at least once heard at least one of them.

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"Garlic helps from worms"

Garlic long since at people is considered a panacea nearly from all diseases. Its reputation is high! Really, garlic – excellent antiseptics, the solution of problems with pressure and other misfortunes. However, if at your dog worms (and it happens to everyone sooner or later), then visit of the veterinarian and purchase of special glistogonny medicines will be the only clever decision were got. The few know, but garlic contains such substance as thiosulphate which at its accumulation in an organism can cause the heavy toxic phenomena.

"Crude meat makes to a dog angry"

the Meat made or crude — the major part of a diet of a dog . At least 50% and up to 70% of food have to support him. And if to feed a canine friend only with meat, then he will not become angry, and it is rather – irritable. Also there will be it not from crude meat at all, and from an unbalanced diet.

"The sugar cube moistened in coffee is useful to to heart"

Perhaps of course, sugar is also useful … But precisely not for heart ! It is a great way to encourage the favourite, especially if you like to pochayevnichat together with it after a lunch. It is quite possible to indulge with such dessert sometimes a dog, however you should not treat it as to constant medicine or to consider "vitamin" for heart. In general coffee and sugar – the forbidden products for animals. You should not treat with them pets!

"Dogs do not digest starch"

Is valid, crude, unprepared starch is not digested an organism . Ready dishes such as rice, whole-grain bread or pasta can be given . But you remember: too much the animal will not benefit from them too.

"Consumption of sugar causes worms"

Sugar – an easy power source both for dogs, and for people. But it has no relation to worms! Parasites are called by hit in an organism of larvae. The puppy can catch them from mother, and an adult dog — from the infected food or water, saliva or excrement of a sick animal and also after ingestion of fleas or louses who serve as carriers of larvae of worms. And sugar does not participate in this process in any way. In principle is forbidden to give sweet to animals : its use can lead to diabetes and to obesity .

"Crude eggs improve quality of wool"

the Crude yolk – good addition in a diet of a dog, and boiled eggs can replace meat in some situations at all. Most likely, the reputation of excellent means for healthy wool of egg was received because of the content of a large amount of fat in them. However the best way to achieve healthy brilliant hair of an animal – good leaving for it outside and the balanced food . And also it is worth remembering: eggs can be infected with salmonellosis therefore it is necessary to use them in a diet of a dog carefully.

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