• Feb 11, 2019

of the Dog — not just pets, it is true friends. Quadrupeds become attached to the owners and have close psychological connection with them. It is possible to understand whether your dog, thanks to a scientific experiment loves you. Animals possess not only fidelity to the owners. Scientists proved that dogs are capable to protect the owner, these quadrupeds very tender and can learn emotions on a smell.

Whether Your Dog Loves You

of the Detail of an experiment

Children and Four-footed Pets

Long ago it is known that dogs are able to sympathize. For this reason they hurry to console the crying person and in particular the child. However it is difficult to tell for certain whether the feeling of love to owners is familiar to fluffy pets .

Scientists conducted a number of researches to understand how deep feelings animals can have in relation to familiar people. In 2015 the activity of a brain of dogs was checked by means of MRT. Scientists tried to find out how they react to smells:

  • strangers;
  • familiar people;
  • own;
  • smells of dogs — there are also no acquaintances.

the Smell of familiar people activated a so-called kernel having a tail in a brain of pets. Similar activation of a system of a reinforcement happens also at the people considering a photo of darlings.

Children and Four-footed Pets

Besides, it is proved that love hormone level — of oxytocin — rises at joint games with a pet. And it occurs both at the owner, and at an animal.

Authentically to learn that doggies to owners, difficult feel. It is difficult to determine it by physiological signs or by means of analyses. Therefore researchers study them by the same methods, as well as emotions of people, in particular, of children. They cannot put feeling into words yet.

to find out attachment, scientists look at key behavior — search of mother, joy and activity when it is near, and grief in its absence. Similar occurs also at a dog concerning the owner.

Children and four-footed pets

Children and Four-footed Pets

So, one of of the conducted researches proves similarity of behavior of children and dogs. Pets or small children were left in the room with the stranger, the parent/owner or along with both. Both the animal, and the child felt much more surely when with them there was a loved one. Besides, the research showed that the level of attachment of animals differs, as well as at children. To those who cared for the pet from early age the attachment is deeper.

However disputes of scientists do not cease, the attachment is not equal to feeling of love. But, having glanced in eyes to the pet, it is possible most to decide what feelings he has to the owner.

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