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Shayr is breed of horses which was removed in England crossing of the Frisian and Flemish types. This horse was applied only in the military purposes, but then its began to use for transportation of goods during agricultural works, in sport, tourism, etc. The Belgian heavy truck widely known in the Middle Ages formed a basis for crossing. After obtaining result British continued its improvement.

As the Biggest Horses in the World Shayr Look
Shayr is breed of horses which was removed in England on the basis of medieval, fighting horses crossing of the Frisian and Flemish types


The breed шайр though has ancient origin, actually includes a lot of different in the weight and the size of horses. This fat horse depending on modification can carry the vehicle with freight a slow step, drag a plow or participate in jumps.

According to many horse breeders, the breed of horses шайр is considered one of the largest in the world.

The animal as follows looks: it is characterized in proportion to developed by a body that distinguishes this horse heavy truck from other similar animals. At racers a broad chest, a big sacrum, a powerful back. This fat horse has the big force and huge endurance . Also colors which animals have are quite various. They well eat, and their body always in great shape.

As the Biggest Horses in the World Shayr Look
Shayr has big force and huge выносливостью

Основные parameters following:

  1. The color of horses of this type can be gray, bay or red.
  2. It is the highest horse in the world as her growth in withers can be from 164 to 180 cm
  3. White stockings standing are typical for horses of this breed (usually they are on back extremities).
  4. Practically all racers of this type on the head have a bald head.
  5. Legs strong and direct. In spite of the fact that the similar fat horse looks a heavyweight, the course at it quite easy.
  6. The mane consists of long, a little curly hair, a tail at these some types, the largest horses in the world, sometimes gets lands therefore owners often shorten it to the necessary length.
  7. The weight of an animal can be 1000-1200 kg.

But the breed differs also in shortcomings. For example, this fat horse has small stockiness, some dampness in all figure therefore some types of such racers are appreciated below similar is felt.

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Selection works and character of animals

To overcome the specified shortcomings, selectors of England strenuously work, making use of the French experience allowing to improve breed therefore British cross shayr to other species of thoroughbred mares. There are also certain results: for example, after crossing with the Scottish cold blooded racers, big horses who have standing dense, silky friezes were received.

At such horses on front extremities hair begin to grow from a wrist and further on all leg. On back extremities this jewelry begins from skakatelny joints. The highest mark was received in the world horse markets of a horse, by the having marks of white color standing.

the stallion carrying a nickname the Blind Horse became the Founder of modern type of racers of this breed. Whether he lived from 1755 to 1770 the racer the truth grew blind, there is no mention, but from it was reckoned, as is written in the Breeding book of these horses which was published in 1878. Then this breed was called "English draft".

At racers temperament quite balanced. Usually similar fat stallion or a mare have quiet character, easily study. They can be operated quietly that is considered advantage of breed therefore they are used when crossing with other species of horses that obedient foals as a result turned out.

of Feature of breed

Use of racers and records

After appearance of horses they began to be applied in army to transportation of ammunition, heavy tools and shells, staff. Then their farmers for plowing began to buy lands and transportations of various agricultural freights.

After in England qualitative roads appeared, began to harness these racers in stagecoaches therefore the need for heavy trucks increased and became so big that their cultivation made for horse-breeding centers huge profit.

After improvement of a genotype of horses by Robert Beykvill this biggest breed of racers became mobile and flexible, despite the massiveness which remained at animals.

To the middle of the XIX century these horses became the main force in agriculture and in the industry of Great Britain. They were often used in docks and on the railroad. Quite often animals were applied as city transport. These the strongest horses have the sufficient force and perfect obedience . All this allowed to exploit them in the most different spheres of imperial economy.

As the Biggest Horses in the World Shayr Look

Considering that growth of individuals of this breed usually fluctuates from 1.64 to 1.75 m, some selectors tried to increase the sizes of animals. Turned out the biggest horse in the world who could have growth to 1.85 m, and weight – about 1200 kg. at the same time individuals had a long neck with strong muscles, a little convex profile of the rough head, a wide forehead. The case them resembled a little the barrel standing on strong legs with strong hoofs. Such horses had low withers.

The record was set. In England (1846) very large stallion who was named Samson was born. It was the biggest horse in the world as its growth in withers became equal in an adult state to 2.19 m. After that it was renamed into the Mammoth. This individual is considered the highest for all history of horse breeding.

Animals set several records on loading capacity. For example, in 1924 2 stallions were harnessed in the team connected to a dynamometer. They showed force about 50 thousands kg. When they were transferred to Zug, they on the slippery, made of granite road got moving forward freight in 18.5 thousands kg. And one horse heavy truck by nickname Vulcan could move weight to 29, 47 thousands kg.

As the Biggest Horses in the World Shayr Look

Modern situation

After emergence on fields in the thirties of tractors and other agricultural machinery the number of a livestock of racers began to decrease. Especially it was noticeable after World War II when in the early sixties there was a sharp reduction of quantity of these animals to such an extent that there was a threat of total disappearance. But fans of racers united and saved them from extinction, and then, in the end of the 70th, this breed of horses began to revive gradually.

As an incentive establishment of awards for stallions and crediting for this purpose served from various private firms. From income gained from races and the totalizator at annual exhibitions to the winners who presented the best samples of animals awarded a prize in 35 thousand pounds sterling. As other incentive of development of this industry the increased demand for horses on a global scale served in Great Britain.

Interesting facts


Today horses are actively applied by brewers. They use racers for transportation of huge barrels with beer. Together with it they are applied to amusement of tourists, on various shows and holidays. Competitions in force of draft or plowing of the earth to application of horses of this breed are organized.

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