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On the Australian continent a special niche. The nice animal became a tourist idol, being ahead in popularity ratings even of the well-known kangaroos.

Marsupial bear: area of dwelling, feature of a look

Prospect of existence of a look not the most iridescent. The fires and annual cutting of the eucalyptus woods seriously reduce the native habitat of a unique animal.

Marsupial bear: area of dwelling, feature of a look

dwelling Area

The eucalyptus bear eats leaves and bark of some plant species. the Area of dwelling of a herbivore is in the east and the South of Australia, where there is a suitable food supply. The unusual chemical composition and a specific smell of a plant peculiar protect phlegmatic sluggish animals. The eucalyptus bear has no enemies in the native habitat as his meat is unsuitable for consumption. Practically the koala spends all the time on tree branches, having strong clasped it with tenacious claws. The bear a koala of 20 hours in day has a rest. Only need to find a new source of food forces to begin to move and go down on the earth.

Marsupials bears in the nature (video)

the Role in the culture of Australia

The safe way of life affected his benevolent temper. But the excessive trustfulness made animals by an easy mark for exotic fur hunters. Because of shooting in east part of the country a koala in Australia it was almost destroyed. It was the cause for the government to impose a ban on shooting of defenseless animals in 1927. Only to the middle of the last century population began to be restored.

Today in the territory of the country parks Loen Pine Koala near Brisbane and Kouna Koala the Park near Perth where a marsupial the bear lives under vigilant supervision are organized and pleases visitors. Here it is possible not only to look at animals in the habitat, but also to photograph family of koalas and also to embrace one of them. There is a list of rules which suggest the visitor to feel that it – a favourite tree of a koala. It is necessary to cross hands on which the inspector will put the awake small animal, then it is joyful to smile on the photographer's signal.

After the Australian G20 summit when practically all heads of states and the first ladies posed for photographers with a koala, tourists with pleasure picked up fashion to act with an amusing bear cub.

Gallery: marsupial bear (35 photos)

of Feature of herbivorous koalas

Marsupials the Australian bear cubs are very unusual animals. It is shown not only in food addictions, but also in the system of reproduction, a way of bringing up of cubs, presence at a koala of fingerprints. And also distinguishes them several characteristic properties:

  • Individuals of men's and female have double bodies which are responsible for genital functions. So the nature secured lazy animals, providing reliability of reproduction. One is born, more rare two kids. Koala cubs at the time of the birth have the weight of 5.5 g and height of 15 mm. The cub eats milk, before growing is in mother's bag. He becomes independent, but the koala does not leave a cub before full growing. It allows the kid not to break, falling from a tree. Despite diminutiveness of kids, the size of a koala can reach growth in 80 cm and weight to 14 kg.

Marsupial bear: area of dwelling, feature of a look

  • The feature of digestion allows to process up to 1 kg of leaves of an eucalyptus which contain toxic agents. The liver of an animal neutralizes toxins. Sumchatoye has the slowed-down metabolism that compensates low nutritiousness of a diet. Degradation of a brain of an animal turned out to be consequence of a low-nutritious diet. According to scientists, its size corresponds to two segments of walnut. Other space of a cavity of a skull is filled with liquid.

Marsupial bear: area of dwelling, feature of a look

  • The form and the size of extremities are adapted for life on a tree. On brushes of forepaws two fingers are set aside from other three aside. Huge claws allow to move easily on vertical surfaces and it is reliable to hold branches paws. On the leathery surface of fingers there is a papillary pattern similar to the drawing at hands of the person.

The exact size of population is not known. Major factors of risk of extinction are connected with growth of urban areas, a large number of cars under which wheels sluggish koalas perish.

the Most rare animal planets (video)


Territories where the native habitat of animals remains so far are steadily reduced. Therefore the Australian mascot needs protection at the state level. Surprisingly charming animal smiles to us from presentation photos on the Internet, without suspecting as far as the fate of its look depends on favor of mankind.

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