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the Alpine goat treats a genus of mountain goats from a type of artiodactyl. Other name of this animal – ибекс or a capricorn. Lives only in the Alps. The goat of the Alpine breed perfectly feels at the height up to 3.5 thousand m above sea level and surprises with the ability to jump on steep rocks.

Alpine Mountain Goat, Features and Habitat
the Alpine goat treats a genus of mountain goats from a look парнокопытных

История and characteristic

Since times of the Ancient world and finishing with the Middle Ages, all parts of a body of the Alpine goats were considered as salutary. used them in medicine for treatment for various diseases. few positive reviews about such treatment that, however, did not prevent to conduct total hunting for these animals were strong> By the way. It practically led to their elimination. At the beginning of the 19th century the quantity of mountain goats was reduced to 100 individuals. The king of Piedmont and Sardinia Victor Emmanuil II rose in defense of capricorns in 1854.

He created some kind of nursery where the remained capricorns were occupied. Thanks to these actions it was succeeded to keep their population. It is interesting that Switzerland asked to sell to it the Alpine goats, but the king refused. Because of it the Alpine goats at the beginning of the 20th century were taken out by smuggling and the authorities of Switzerland became illegal owners of these animals.

Alpine Mountain Goat, Features and Habitat

Today the Alpine breed of goats restored the population. Even the controlled shooting of ibeks is allowed. By the last calculations, their number is about 40 thousand individuals. Locals are kindly favorable disposed to settling of mountains of an ibeksama as it attracts numerous tourists.

Description and appearance


The description of the Alpine breed of goats should be begun with weight. With a height about 1 m and length of a body of 1.5 m of an ibeksa about 100 kg can weigh. However, large weight is characteristic only of males. The weight of females hardly exceeds 40 kg. The general pride for all breed are huge horns. Their length can reach 100 cm. The beautiful twirled horns act as "assistants" for males. In character they are quick-tempered and often fight on the brink of rocky breaks – especially during the marriage period.

The mountain goat surprises the tourists who arrived to the Alps, the ability it is easy to move on steep rocks. The nature allocated him with acute eyesight and intuition. Thanks to it the Alpine goats notice the coming danger and run away from it. Sometimes they even hide in remote gorges of rocks. And though it is quite timid animals, tourists note that at huge height it is often possible to see the capricorns watching competitions of skiers.

Way of life and reproduction

Characteristic of an ibeks includes also an image of his life. The animal eats plants, branches and leaves of trees. a capricorn comes For search of food early in the morning. he waits the heat Period on high ledges. The winter period forces a mountain goat to go down on border of the wood and ice. At this time search of food can bring together an animal with a wild predator therefore capricorns go on a watering place only packs. They always leave a sentry male who will be able to warn about danger of all individuals.

The Alpine breed of goats leads a gregarious life. The typical herd consists of 20 females and cubs. Old capricorns lead a single life. During the marriage period males and females keep together. At the same time the male collects some kind of harem. But upon termination of the marriage period of a trestle leaves herd and lives in loneliness. It is possible to recognize a male by a strong "goat smell".

Alpine Mountain Goat, Features and Habitat

Sometimes it even sprays itself(himself) with urine for its strengthening.

The period of reproduction comes in November-December. Ибекс finds to itself herd of young nanny-goats and engages with all competitors. The marriage period usually lasts 10 days and is characterized by special aggression of males. And though during the fights they try not to do serious injuries to the rival, sometimes happens that the winner pushes together the lost male in an abyss. The harem of a mountain goat consists of 10-12 females. And the goat is more senior, the it is more than nanny-goats at him in a harem. Often the harem is adjoined by several old males who are already incapable of fertilization.

The female bears posterity about 170 days. Often 1 kid, in rare instances 2 is born. The first 7-10 days kids hide in rocks, and mother comes to feed them. The young posterity feeds on maternal milk the whole year. After that females remain in herd, and males leave and form the herds. However, such herds consisting of some males quickly break up. Average life expectancy of these animals makes 10-20 years.

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