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the Little fox of gadgets – it is valid chanterelle, but very peculiar, with big, almost like at a hare, ears. This unusual appearance and the small sizes draw general attention of fans of exotic animals to chanterelle. Recently this macrotous fox gained popularity as a pet which is contained in apartments as a cat or a dog.

Fox of gadgets: the description, a way of life, the contents as the pet
the Little fox of gadgets – it is valid chanterelle, but very peculiar, with big, almost like at a hare, ears

the Main characteristics of a look

It is the least fox in the world. tell its parameters about much:

  • height of this small animal in withers reaches about 20 cm;
  • chanterelle length – no more than 40 cm;
  • a tail, of course, fox, and therefore rather long – about 30 cm;
  • the small animal no more than 1.5 kg weighs;
  • ears at so small sizes reach 15 cm in length.

Thus, the body of chanterelle is less than cat's. However if to consider ears and a tail, then the cat will seem nevertheless less.

Systematic situation at this animal has the differences from all other foxes. Gadgets, as well as the dog, treats family of canids, but has no relation to a genus of foxes. Especially for it zoologists allocated a separate sort – Fennecus to which only one look – Vulpes zerda belongs.

Fox of gadgets: the description, a way of life, the contents as the pet
of Gadgets, as well as a dog, belongs to family of canids, but to a genus of foxes no relation is had

by the Way of life and character

The macrotous fox attracts and surprises all with the size of the ears. During strong winds ears work as a sail and the poor animal should make great efforts not to depart together with desert plants.

The fox of gadgets lives in deserts of North Africa. She received the name thanks to the Arab word fanak which and is translated – a fox.

Small chanterelle of gadgets hunts alone mainly at night. It same predator, as well as all foxes. Only she chooses production to herself by the sizes. Lounge-lizards, insects, worms, mouse-like, eggs of birds and reptiles, birds enter its diet. Life in the desert does not indulge abundance of food therefore the macrotous fox eats drop, fruits and root crops. Such food also all canids do not disdain. It well transfers thirst, often being content with the water which is contained in food.

the Easy body of this chanterelle differs in special mobility and excellent spring ability. her northern fellows catch mice in a jump, diving a pointed nose during snow.

of Gadgets in the nature (video)

In deserts where there lives a little animal of gadgets, there is no snow. However the principle of hunting by means of a sudden jump is characteristic also of this chanterelle. She is capable to jump almost on 70 cm in height and on 1 m in length.

These chanterelles are able to dig quickly to themselves shelters – to dig through a mink in 5 m for one night for them not a problem. The hole is difficult, with underground branches, emergency exits. It is possible to take refuge in a hole of date from enemies and the scorching sun, supplies are stored here and the posterity is removed.

The device of family corresponds to traditions of such animals from family of canids as wolves. of Chanterelle live big families of several generations . Both parents, children of this dung and the grown-up cubs from the previous brood usually are family composition. Teenagers help parents to look after kids, and parents train them in all knowledge of family life.

Fox of gadgets: the description, a way of life, the contents as the pet

Why to desert chanterelle large ears

Usually such sizes are explained by the quote from the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" – large ears exist in order that it is better to hear. However, for example, birds have no auricles at all that does not prevent them to have fine hearing.

Special cartilaginous outgrowths are auricles. With their help the animal does not increase hearing, and cuts superfluous. Big and mobile auricles help to catch sound waves only in narrow space necessary to this animal.

Similar auricles are at all canids, bats, hares, some mouse-like and rodents that helps them to define more precisely from where there is a sound. With the same purpose evolution constructed the special sound-ranger – a front disk at owls which also helps to define a sound source precisely.

Fox of gadgets: the description, a way of life, the contents as the pet

Thus, the charming macrotous fox not just well hears, and defines a sound source with a big accuracy that helps it to find livelihood in poor conditions of the desert better.

However there is one more question: and why such large ears to elephants? Their ears are similar not to locators, and more likely to rags. And it is valid, at elephants ears perform function of the cooler. First, elephants can fan with ears as a fan. And secondly, Tokaj the surface of an auricle all is penetrated by capillaries. So here blood cools down, cooling also all body of an elephant.

The macrotous fox cannot fan with the ears, but she can quite cool blood through them that for the hot desert very relevant.

Fox of gadgets: the description, a way of life, the contents as the pet

of Gadgets as new pet

Many fans of house living creatures began to support a charming being of gadgets in house conditions. Strangely enough, but keeping of these desert hermits in the city apartment and furthermore in a country house, it was business simple. If the polecat was almost cultivated, then to make small chanterelle a lovely house being quite perhaps.

However it is always worth remembering that gadgets as a pet it is still far from an ideal. The matter is that there are animals cultivated, and there are accustomed. At domestication throughout centuries there is a selection on a phenotype, performance and other significant data. As a result the genotype of the cultivated animals changes so that they are not capable to live in the wild nature.

the domestic fox of gadgets Born among people does not forget the wild habits that affects comfort of life of inhabitants of the house. The biggest problem is need of a small animal to dig holes. The instinct is always shown in certain age. As soon as your young fox grows up to a polovozrely state, he will begin to dig everywhere where will be able. It is possible to fight against it only in one way – to give such opportunity.

Fox of gadgets: the description, a way of life, the contents as the pet

Even if your pet lives as the family member, that is gets under feet, steals food and rolls on a sofa, he needs to create a separate corner of a wild animal. There can be a bowl with water or food, but the main thing – there has to be a soil which can be dug. Of course, if not to isolate this corner from the rest of the apartment, then soon in the earth and sand there will be all apartment. Best of all some high box where sand is filled up, for example, will approach, and from above there is a manhole for the long-eared digger.

It is possible to solve this problem even more simply. For this purpose chanterelle it is necessary to walk as a doggie, allowing it not only to run about, but also to dig in the pleasure somewhere in the neutral territory.

it is easy to Feed chanterelle. still the wildish being with a live forage – insects, mice, worms is the best of all to provide, of course. However every day it is optional to arrange such entertainments. It is possible to replace hunting for pieces of meat and fish. It is possible to give boiled and crude eggs with cottage cheese.

Thus, it is necessary to feed small chanterelle as a small doggie . There is only one ban – do not accustom chanterelle to a dry feed. The gastrointestinal tract of the wild hunter is hardly adapted for such synthetic food.

Also do not forget that you settle at yourself not a toy (very expensive, by the way), and the living being with the addictions and requirements.

the least animals in the world (video)

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