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What most beautiful horses in the world, only experts know though all animals, of course, are in own way beautiful. However the elected handsome differs in the greatest uniqueness. They are statelier, noble, powerful, strong and have an unusual color and the lines peculiar only to them. At the same time all of them are the same kind and friendly creations.

The most beautiful horses: the description of breeds
What most beautiful horses in the world, only experts know though all animals, of course, in own way прекрасны.

Сложно among handsome to distribute places therefore that all of them are worthy to be the first.

the Most beautiful horses of the world (video)

Arab racers

It is really the most beautiful horses in the world. They struck with the unique beauty in ancient times and still did not lose fascinating force. Very expressive Arab lines in which consists not only their beauty, but also the identity inherent only of Golov them are characteristic of them has a "shchucheobrazny" appearance, and eyes — almond-shaped rounded shape and dark color. There is a wish to plunge into this fantastic chasm of good where it is possible to open the amazing world. A body at them moderately brawny and moderately powerful. Their horse grace bewitches, each their movement smoothly and gracefully.

The history of emergence of this breed is shrouded in a veil of secrets and riddles. It is considered to be that such most beautiful horses of the world – an invaluable gift of Allah. In them it connected all best: speed of powerful wind, unusual beauty and a smooth bend of a back which is convenient for the rider. The forehead of these horses has small camber, Muslims connect this feature with the fact that God blessed them. This unique breed has highly raised tail, from antiquity it is considered that it is sign of special nobility.

the Arab racers still kept the purest blood, because even in ancient times paid to their development careful and due attention. Reproduction of individuals of this breed happened in isolation to avoid impurity of blood of other species of horses. Also such strict rules are still followed. They do not interfere with emergence of new breeds, and only try to keep one in its original state that it did not disappear and did not become beautiful history. However it does not mean that representatives of the Arab horses are completely closed from external intervention. It is known that sometimes they are used nevertheless for improvement of other breeds of horses.

Still ancient Arabs appreciated such racers. The mare of the Arab color was considered as especially important and worthy gift. And still at auctions these fantastic animals find the owners. Because such horses cannot lose the power. On the contrary, the fact that they arose in an extreme antiquity proves their highest superiority.

The most beautiful horses: description of breeds
Arab скакуны

Ахалтекинец: features

One more most beautiful breed which appeared on Earth in ancient times. They are the true pride of the Turkmen konezavodchik. And if to try to learn from them who the most beautiful horse in the world, they without doubts will call akhaltekinets.

The unique feature of these horses is that they have surprisingly harmonious lines of a constitution and unusual coloring. As though the desert shared with them a color palette of the sands, and the gold sun could not pass by and contributed to this natural creation, having awarded akhaltekinets with an unusual luminescence. It is valid, apparently, that they shine both beauty, and kindness, and nobility from within. Their unusual temperament is considered distinctive characteristic feature of this breed, the people they are even called "desert hounds".

Akhaltekintsa possess beautiful easy features, they have very beautiful and accurate ears. their big expressive eyes are crowded with kindness. At these horses a long and graceful neck, long and harmonious legs. Them to become and grace will impress any.

The fine skin covered with silky short wool is characteristic of achaltekin breed of horses. For this reason it seems that such horse – the live picture which descended from a cover of the ancient fairy tale.

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It is known that the name of breed of these horses takes the roots from the name of an oasis and the name there is nobody the Turkmen tribe. Many legends go about devotion and ardency of akhaltekinets. It is natural that with a forage in the droughty desert there are considerable difficulties. Therefore still from antiquity these horses were very dependent on people. Because of the mysterious force of an attraction which is inherent in them they won with little effort human hearts. As a result owners surrounded them with careful care and strong love. Perhaps, for this reason so beautiful and quick horse sometimes seems coddled. And maybe, it is all about her prettiness.

In ancient times sometimes the horse could be stolen therefore owners accustomed the horses to that they did not trust strangers. Today some horse breeders consider vigilance of akhaltekinets unsuccessful line which makes heavier their difficult temper. However in it the key of devotion and gratitude of this horse to the owner or that person which concerned to it with worthy respect lies.

Despite gentle appearance, these wonderful horses have firmness and endurance, they are capable to do long time without water.

Turkmens since ancient times decorated the pearls of horse breeding with precious metals and stones. They put on strong charms with quotes from the Koran necks of the favourites. These actions only confirm the special attitude towards akhaltekinets of their owners.

The most beautiful horses: description of breeds

Пышногривые frieze

According to many horse breeders and just fans a frieze, the most beautiful horse in all immense world. And it is valid, this noble, proud, stately black handsome man will not leave anybody indifferent. It seems, he cannot but be in the center of attention of all Universe. The highlight of this breed of horses is that they have a long, magnificent and wavy mane and the same tail. Thanks to the amazingly black color, they bewitch the beauty. It is known that also bay friezes in ancient times met. The following lines are also characteristic of representatives of this breed: the high neck having the graceful line of a bend; harmonious legs which beauty is emphasized by the so-called "brushes" located around which fibers fall down on hoofs.

For horses of the Frisian breed such lines as balanced character, noble morality and high vigor are peculiar. Manners and features of their movements are surprising therefore such horses bewitch the regal lynx and unusual grace.

The most beautiful horses: description of breeds
of the Horse frieze

Oryol trotter

The Oryol breed of horses too one most beautiful in the world. These magnificent trotters bewitch the beauty and a harmonious constitution. The Oryol trotter is diamond of the Russian horse breeding and also his pride and glory. At the genetic level at this breed the ability to move a quick lynx is set.

Unique characteristic feature of this horse is that they have an unusual figured color. Such feeling that the intricate artist on a grayish background represented light paints many apple profiles. However there are not less beautiful horses of this breed who have usual colors. The Oryol trotters possess a long neck which graceful bend is capable to eclipse, apparently, even beauty of a bend of a swan neck. It is worth emphasizing originality of their expressive and fine eyes which are filled with the marvelous light radiating good and love.

their perfectly put body gives them unique to become, grace and force . In spite of the fact that the Oryol trotters differ on jumps in the playfulness, speed and vigor, they have very quiet temper and kind character. Such unusual combination of qualities of these horses emphasizes their uniqueness once again.

The most beautiful horses: description of breeds
Oryol trotter

Graceful Englishwoman

The Englishwoman – one more most beautiful breed of horses in the world. Such horses have great appearance in spite of the fact that their color seemingly simple and monophonic. The bay, red, brown and black English horses intended for riding meet. Horses of this breed prove that to be among the most beautiful horses in the world, it is possible to have also the most ordinary coloring. Their unique feature is put in unusual lines of appearance. Boldly and gracefully allocated muscles and sinews of the English racers bewitch the beauty. the Nature generously granted to them noble to become, surprising grace and mysterious mysteriousness. One more important distinctive feature of Englishwomen is that they have the thin elastic skin covered with very short wool which glints in the sun.

The thoroughbred Englishwoman is very temperamental and vigorous. Speed of reactions is characteristic of her. She always gives all the best on full, as much as possible straining the forces. All this demonstrates that she has congenital discipline and has noble will power. Not each horse can brag of such powerful moral qualities.

The history of emergence of this breed is fascinating. It is natural that the homeland of these beauties is England. It is authentically known that else at the time of government of the Roman emperor Caesar, Great Britain did not lack strong horses. However after there were the first firearms, there was a need in more lungs, but at the same time fast horses. To achieve goals, horses who had the most favorable qualities were crossed. Representatives of the horses having east blood acted as manufacturing stallions. And as manufacturing mares representatives of breeds in which the Spanish and Hungarian blood flowed were selected. Thus, in the 18th century in England were engaged in a conclusion of new breed of racers, and the English horses for riding appeared. Over time Englishwomen were only improved that was especially promoted by powerful development of the English equestrian sport.

The most beautiful horses: description of breeds

Порода шайр

In spite of the fact that representatives of this breed treat the largest horses in the world, they are also considered as the most beautiful. Their massive appearance is their worthy highlight. Special beauty of their appearance is that they have a magnificent long mane, a tail and friezes standing. Shayra's decorate every holiday and any action, without leaving indifferent even those whom in principle it is difficult to surprise.

The main characteristic of these horses is the powerful developed body. Their wide back, a powerful breast and strong legs guarantee the immense force and resistant endurance of this breed. They are very high, from 1.60 to 1.75 m in withers. There are gray, bay, red and black shayra.

Despite the massiveness, they not terrible, and, on the contrary, very kind and quiet that is their undoubted advantage. Huge horses are very obedient, it is easy to operate them. For these reasons of these of massive horses often cross to other breeds that quiet and obedient foals turned out.

The history of emergence and development of shayr is interesting. The earth of England is considered their homeland. Exactly there step by step for a long time crossed Flemish and Dutch stallions to the English mares thanks to what these great horses appeared. They got divorced in different corners of England therefore between representatives of this breed there are distinctions. So, there are not really big shayra, also such representatives who almost have no mane meet. Originally horses of this breed were intended for difficult farmer types of works: plowing of the earth and transportation of heavy freights. For this reason shayr call "heavy trucks".

After Robert Beykvill crossed a konerazvodchik shayr and friezes, the breed of "heavy trucks" considerably improved, and they became more mobile and flexible. However their fascinating beautiful massiveness remained.

The most beautiful horses: description of breeds
Breed шайр

Don beauty

the Don earth has the beautiful horse too. the Immense force of steppe fields generously awarded it with charming beauty, both external, and internal. The Don beauty appeared thanks to Cossacks, on their own joy and pride. Distinctive feature is its red fiery color, special noble to become also temper, typical only for it.

Really, the beauty of the Don steppes is unique and surprising, as well as the nature of these wonderful places. Broad lands of steppes and their free expanse are reflected, as through a prism, in character and temper of the Don beautiful horses. For this reason they have strong and strong will, high endurance, fast reaction and speed. At the same time they are betrayed the to owners and are never given before difficult obstacles, persistently and persistently go all the way.

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About their kindness it is possible to talk endlessly. They, as well as good people, have widely open soul, are capable to sympathy and empathy. Once you glance in expressive eyes of the Don horse, and it is possible to see that they are crowded not only with kindness, but also understanding. Such racers are also very bright, in them beauty and mind is combined.

Thanks to laborious work of manufacturers, there are new species of racers striking with the external data and abilities. It should be noted that each breed is in own way fine and unique.

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