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One of the arthropods, most widespread on all Earth, is the spider the black widow. Its version contains 31 subspecies. These spiders equip the house in secluded places where there are not enough sun and enough small insects.

Poisonous Spider Black Widow
One of the arthropods, most widespread on all Earth, is the spider black вдова.

Безжалостный the chlenistonogy cannibal

the Group the black widow received the name because of the known cannibalism . The female of a spider of this look eats a male after pairing, can eat similar arthropods and even the brood will teach.

But some scientists disprove these facts the fact that such observations are conducted in vitro where very often spiders remain nothing else as is the relatives. And to a male to avoid such fate it will not turn out, him has no place to run. And on freedom, in a natural environment their behavior considerably differs.

Before pairing the male of the black widow long looks after the lady, executes marriage dances. Some scientists explain such flirtation with the fact that sharp aggressive actions can provoke a female spider to the attack. In that case the groom risks to become a lunch, but not the father of posterity.

Poisonous Spider Black Widow

Because of such cannibalistic cases the term of life of spiders short. Besides каракурт (the black widow) is favourite delicacy for many birds and mantises. Usually bright color helps the owner, warning everyone about poisonous properties of an organism. But in this case the female of the karakurt is not saved by her red spot on a paunch.

Life cycle of spiders most often does not exceed years, but there are also long-livers who reach three years. Among the last it is impossible to meet males, in the environment of dwelling their life is much shorter, than at females of this look. They can live only in artificial conditions long, at the same time never copulating.

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Characteristic and description

Actually a spider the black widow is not aggressive. Karakurta bite people not because of desire to kill or eat but only for the sake of protection when the person poses a threat. Even accidental invasion provokes attack of a spider to the territory of the karakurt.

the Healthy adult can not be afraid of karakurt poison. Fatal consequences from a sting can be only at patients, children and old men. But anyway, antidote is necessary for each victim. The black widow which gets into blood can lead poison of a spider to further mental health problems, nervous system and muscles.

Poisonous Spider Black Widow

the Female of the black widow has stronger poison, than a male. the Female spider is much larger than the spouse, has a red or orange mark in the form of hourglasses in a paunch and brilliant dark bodies. A male more pale, with red or pink specks on a back. At these karakurt 4 pairs of legs approximately 12 mm long, and the little body reaches 40 mm at females and about 20-25 mm at males.

The web of tenetnik is stronger than silk and that it was convenient to pull together thin threads over production, these spiders on back pair of paws have curved bristles. Karakurt spins thick cloths, but not graceful lace to catch grasshoppers, different insects and other spiders.

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Unusual pet

Many people do not know how the spider of the black widow looks, and confuse a poisonous individual with her relatives. On Earth there are many dangerous spiders similar to the black widow, each of them has habits and features. On open spaces of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine the false black widow meets.

For example, white каракурт most of which often meets in the steppe area, is one of subspecies of the black widow. This spider will never lead not such poisonous, his sting to fatal consequences. But it does not mean that it is possible to test its canines safely.

Poisonous Spider Black Widow

Karakurt can live in quality of a pet, chance to grow up the long-liver is strong> and even. But it is not suitable for beginners since has a peculiar temper. The most part of stings poisonous spiders are the share just of such unfortunate owners. To master a poisonous pet, the wide experience and skill is necessary. If big bird spiders more or less adapt to house life and at all not such can sit on hands of the owner, then a karakurta.

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These arthropods are hermits, the black widow loves tranquility and loneliness. She put by the nature communication only during flirting and pairing. You should not risk health for the sake of an interesting wonder.

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