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of the Horse are very beautiful, graceful and graceful animals, but at the same time also very expensive. The price of a good racer is measured by the huge sums, however not all can brag of similar cost. The most expensive horse in the world is estimated at 40 million dollars. Surprisingly, but also true judges are ready to give such fabulous money for elite racers.

Rating of the Most Expensive Horses in World and Their Breeds
the Most expensive horse in the world is estimated at 40 million dollars

Top-10 of the most expensive horses

Expensive horses who are included in rating have the highest cost which ever was in the history of mankind. They deserved it the fact that they broke records during various competitions. Some have similar cost thanks to a noble family tree. Here rating of the most expensive racers:

  1. Sharif Danser. This most expensive horse cost 40 million dollars. People learned about such sum in 1983. Bought it at an auction. At a racer not one owner, but the whole group of people who divided expenses among themselves. The stallion treats the English thoroughbred breed, and his ancestors were champions too. External signs amazing, good race indicators and purity of breed – here distinctive features of this champion. Its last owner used him as producer. The horse died in 1999. As for posterity, it made for the owners a profit of 2 million dollars
  2. Annikhileytor. One more most expensive racer in 1989 was estimated at 19.2 million dollars. Chocolate handsome has a beautiful exterior (especially a mane) and excellent indicators of speed. Australia is considered the homeland. Annikhileytor won 6 races, and 12 thousand dollars were the biggest prize. It finished the career in races in 2012.
  3. Greene Manki. One more best copy. It was bought for 16 million dollars in 2006, and before he never participated in jumps. Such high cost was connected with the fact that he is a native of family of 3-fold champions. He participated only in 3 races, and awards were more than 10 thousand dollars. At the moment he is a producer and lives in Florida.
  4. Seattle Danser. In 1985 this racer sold for 13 million dollars. He treats thoroughbred English breed, and his ancestors were winners of various championships.
  5. Sour cream. This Arab racer was sold in 1775. Then its cost was record – 60 thousand rubles. Such name at a horse because on a color she is completely white. It also defined the choice.
  6. Mystic Park. the Lana Lobel Company bought this horse in 1982. Then its cost was 5.5 million dollars
  7. Pine Chip. the Good racer is also Pine Chip. He set up a set of full records on playfulness of trotters. Started a career in 2000. It was bought for 4 million dollars
  8. Sardar. the Legendary horse, whose name it is connected with records in jumps. She set up 8 records. The cost of a horse is equal to 3.5 million dollars
  9. Athlete. It is a stallion of the Belgian origin. It was sold for 47.5 thousand dollars. The new owner is the resident of Australia who is engaged in construction.
  10. Shayr. This racer is considered a legend too. Its weight the biggest for all history – more than 1.5 t. It was never sold, however while it was a foal, its cost was 25,000 dollars

Rating of the Most Expensive Horses in World and Their Breeds

Other racers, most known in the world

Not only the listed ten horses are most are expensive also known. For example, the American legend is a horse with the name Secretariat . He is thoroughbred American race, and its cost is 6.8 million dollars. In 1973 he became the first stallion who within a year took all prizes from a competition of the races "Threefold Crown". For all the life participated in 21 races and won from them 16. About 700 stallions received from an eminent racer, and some became winners in world competitions. The champion was buried in 1989. By the way, he was brought to the Hall of Fame of races of America. For the XX century it entered one hundred race American horses. In some cities monuments in his honor are established. Besides, the film is shot and brands are issued. In 2015 the stream of the Secretariat by the name of Amerikan Faraon broke the father's record in the competition "Threefold Crown".

One more world star is Totilas who treats warm-blooded Dutch breed. Behind his shoulders several world records on a dressage. In 2011 a racer sold for 31 million dollars in Germany. But after that its indicators began drop. The best years were 2010 when the horse got 3 gold medals at the international competitions, and 2009, marked by receiving by 1 silver and 2 gold medals.

Rating of the Most Expensive Horses in World and Their Breeds

One more expensive horse – Palloubet-d-Halong. It is acquired in 2013 for 15.2 million dollars for the purpose of participation in jumping. The owner is Jan Top – the popular sales agent from Australia. At that time the racer was 10 years old, however in competitions he showed good results. By the way, there were gossips that Jan Top bought this horse for the Saudi prince.

the Most known racers differ in good indicators. For example, one of such famous winners is Fusaichi Pegasus. Its owner since 1997 is Japanese Fusao Sekiguchi who bought a horse for 4 million dollars. For all years the stallion won 4 victories and brought to the owner nearly 2 million dollars. In 2000 a horse sold to the Irish manufacturer for 60 million dollars

One more known horse is Frenkel who became famous due to the unique qualities in run. In the best times its price was 200 million dollars, but now it decreased to 131 million dollars. At the moment Frenkel does not take part in competitions, but is a producer of a great number of stallions. By the way, on his descendants great demand. As for Frenkel, he became the winner of 14 races and never lost. At analysts it had high rating. Frenkel's owner is the Saudi prince by name Adbul Khalid. He does not sell the favourite and considers that, perhaps, the most expensive horse will be able to participate in the world on the run again.

the Known race horse is Hai Brough of Cat who is global manufacturer. By 2009 it became the best in the world in this field. Stallions differ in good indicators on jumps from it. At the moment the horse has no physical capacity any more to participate in creation of posterity, however its biological material is applied to mares. In 2010 this horse was estimated at 10 million dollars

the Most valuable breeds

The most expensive breeds of horses – thoroughbred. The more the share of blood of pure breed, the is more stallion cost. At the moment the most expensive breed of horses is the English riding. Racers differ in mobility, excellent health, great appearance. They are capable to accelerate up to 60 km/h so these horses are good sprinters. The cost of a stallion begins from 1 million dollars, and individuals are sold at auctions.

The following expensive breed are the Arab racers. They differ in elegant appearance and endurance. Besides, they have also good health, perfectly are suitable for long races. The largest sum which was given for the Arab racer was 2.4 million dollars in 1977.

Rating of the Most Expensive Horses in World and Their Breeds

One more valuable version are akhaltekinets. They are considered as the most ancient thoroughbred breed. They are called desert hounds as they are capable to gather speed to 50 km/h. Akhaltekintsa can overcome a distance in 160 km, even without taking a break. They differ in a sukhoparost and ease, grace, grace. But at the same time so distinguished individuals are also very hardy.

estimate stallions of the Australian white breed At big cost. They still are called a lipizzaner. They were created especially for the emperor. This breed now very rare is also considered the descendant wild horses соррайя which there were no more than 200 individuals now. By the way, соррайя are considered as very expensive because of the rarity too (they on the verge of disappearance). This breed was kept only thanks to the fact that in the 20th years of the 19th century one zoologist noticed wild herd which disappeared from people. Studying habits of these horses, the scientist came to a conclusion that they are descendants of the Andalusian and luzitansky horses.

For stud selected 10 individuals thanks to what the breed managed to be kept in original state. Still manufacturers and scientists think of this breed very much and carefully watch each individual.

In Russia the known version are the Oryol trotters. This breed at the moment too is considered extremely rare, and therefore very expensive. Besides there are no its analogs. It appeared as result of crossing of various breeds, including used genes of the Arab racers. The breed was called in honor of the count Orlov who was engaged in its removal. Earlier stallions were included into the Russian three. Now the Oryol trotters are actively used in sports meets. Besides, representatives of this breed are considered as one of the most beautiful horses in the world. Individuals are sold at auctions.

by Expensive breed call still a rysisty American horse. It is considered the most quick, but at the same time and noble. This version was created in America by means of long and difficult crossing of representatives of various thoroughbred breeds, including it concerns riding thoroughbred, Arab, norfolsky and other. Chose breeds for crossing depending on their playfulness

The listed best horses of the world differ from other racers in the qualities. Mostly similar horses are bought to participate in jumps. The cost of such racers happens even more, than at the most expensive cars. However not so there is a lot of individuals of similar level.

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