• Sep 20, 2019

Training of a polecat – interesting and fascinating occupation, these small animals are very intellectual and sociable. Of course, it is not dogs, but to train a polecat in several amusing tricks and to make of him the convenient partner quite perhaps.

 the Polecat on a photo lead

When to begin training of a polecat

It is the first question which is asked to themselves (and to others) by owners of polecats. The answer to it is simple: as soon as possible.

The earlier you will begin training of a polecat, the quicker and easier he will acquire rules of the hostel, will get used to you and will remember teams.

Consider that it is more difficult to train an adult polecat, than a cub, especially if before the small animal had other owners.

 Training of a polecat of a photo

What method of training of a polecat to choose

In all civilized world the only acceptable method of training of animals is the positive reinforcement. Training of polecats – not an exception.

The essence of a method of a positive reinforcement when training polecats is that each correct action of a small animal is encouraged. And as encouragement (at least, at the first stage) it is more convenient to use delicacy.

Delicacy for training of a polecat can be bought in pet-shop or to prepare independently. It is important that pieces were small – literally "on one tooth".

The method of a positive reinforcement proved as very effective, it does process of training of a polecat pleasant for both parties and promotes manifestation of interest from the pupil.

 the Polecat in a photo basket

Training of a polecat: main teams

As well as in a case with any animal, in training of a polecat the important rule works: teams have to be short, accurate and sound always equally.

What teams can teach a polecat? As a rule, owners choose the following commands:

  1. To me.
  2. the Place – that the polecat ran in a cage or in a lodge.
  3. the Somersault – somersaults.
  4. Serve – the polecat dances attendance.
  5. Ap – a jump.
  6. Forward – overcoming obstacles.

However, you can not stop on it and think up own tricks or even small representation to have a good time and to entertain guests.

 the Polecat sleeps under a photo blanket

Basic principles of training of a polecat

When training a polecat it is necessary to be guided by the following principles:

  1. do not grab everything and at once. Teach a polecat to one team, and only then you pass to development following.
  2. Occupations have to be regular, but short. 2 times a day on 5 minutes, than once a week on 1 hour are better to carry out training of a polecat. If the polecat is bored by occupation, he will cease to obey you and will lose any interest in study.
  3. Delicacy for training of a polecat has to be a part of a day diet. Do not overfeed a small animal.
  4. At the first stage to interest a polecat, it is better to use the most favourite, strongly smelling delicacy, and not just usual forage.
  5. alternate Difficult tasks to lungs.
  6. Finish a lesson with a trick, easy and pleasant for a polecat.

Remember that if the polecat behaves "badly" or "incorrectly", it is, most likely, result of feeling sick or not enough good conditions of keeping, the wrong leaving.

If you become angry on the pet, he will not improve, and will only be frightened and will begin to resist or will escape. Because of it polecats are called sometimes "not trained", but a problem most often in the person, but not in a polecat.

Therefore the main task – to provide to a polecat worthy living conditions. In this case the polecat will perfectly feel, to communicate willingly with you and to show readiness for cooperation.

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