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the Peach – a green dwarfish monkey, or a vervetka. He is 7 months old, and I bought him when he was 2 months old. Usually monkeys separate from mother at the age of 7 – 8 months, but I brought up him, and now I am his mother. When the Peach grows, its growth will be about 60 cm. Now we bring up it as future actor.
Green Dwarfish Monkey of a Photo
On a photo: green dwarfish monkey

What character at a green dwarfish monkey?

Everything is individual

In the wild nature they live in flocks therefore there has to be one leader. Up to 3 years they compete among themselves therefore I have to show all the time that I am main. He is obliged to execute my commands. If he does not obey, he needs to be punished. Not physically, but, for example, to deprive of sweet or to limit its freedom, placing in a cage.

the Peach very sociable, he adores communicating. Still he is playful.

From experience: If I am absent nearby, other people can communicate with it. It will allow to iron itself(himself), takes delicacy. But once I appear on the horizon, and it, obviously, begins to perceive others as threat and can show aggression: to be scratched as a cat. It does not use teeth. However, when teeth were cut, he gnawed everything that is possible.
But in general Peach very friendly. At me there live many other animals: cat, 4 hedgehogs and squirrels (usual red and Degu). Rodents are not interesting to the Peach, and the cat attracts huge interest. But the cat at me with character, she does not like to communicate. And here in circus we have a doggie with which it willingly plays.

the Peach well reacts To children. We teach it to treat calmly noise and strokings of foreign people.

From experience: Monkeys in itself not noisy. Though in the childhood the Peach was noisy. Its shout is as children's crying. Monkeys can peep, chirr or publish something like purring if they want to calm someone.
Vervetka of a Photo
On a photo: vervetka

Is not present at a vervetok of sexual aggression? Whether you plan it to castrate?

A why to castrate it?
At monkeys are more aggressive females, than males, especially during hunting. Males are not inclined to aggression.

As green dwarfish monkeys give in to training?

Is fine! But, of course, training of a monkey demands from the person of some efforts, just like that nothing will turn out.
We try that our teams were clear to the Peach. The first that we taught him to – it "Is impossible" and "To me", that is the teams important for everyday life. And then circus numbers already study. Regular trainings – till several hours a day are necessary.
From experience: We are engaged generally since morning and in the evening. For example, the Peach wakes up, it is hungry, and we take it on occupations, we give commands for which implementation the monkey receives delicacies. Naturally, also the breakfast is given then.
Main – not to allow physical punishments.
Green Dwarfish Monkey of a Photo
On a photo: vervetka

with What to feed a vervetka?

Vervetkam can give any fruit (except a citrus). The main thing – not to overfeed. Food is given a la carte in the morning and in the evening.
From experience: The monkey does not know when to stop, eats how many will give, and it is dangerous to overfeed them – there can be problems with health.
Sometimes can give meat. I give chicken in the form of puree. It is also possible to treat a monkey with egg.
Vegetables are given any. The peach adores onions – it is useful to give it as prevention in the winter.
the Peach eats also children's porridge, nuts, sunflower seeds.
Can give to drink the diluted tea, juice, fruit drink.
In addition we gave to the Peach calcium (the crushed egg shell) and cod-liver oil.
Cannot give to a monkey of sweet, it is better to treat a monkey with fruit. Also it is impossible to give a citrus, fried, fat, salty, sharp.
Vervetka of a Photo
On a photo: vervetka

What green dwarfish monkeys are ill?

Most often these monkeys have bronchitis. And sometimes they get sick because the owner pays them not enough attention, for example, somewhere leaves and as soon as the owner appears, the disease passes by itself. The strong fright and a stress can also lead to diseases.
From experience: It is necessary to watch since the childhood that the monkey correctly went because they have a rickets. We did to the Peach massage as to the child.
Treat green dwarfish monkeys as children – children's doses of human drugs, including glistogonny. It is possible to drive them to the pediatrician if, of course, the doctor agrees, and such doctors are not enough.
of Medicine which give to dogs and cats cannot be given to a monkey categorically! And vaccines are not suitable for dogs too therefore to find vaccine extremely difficult.
Green Dwarfish Monkey of a Photo
On a photo: vervetka

it is difficult to look after monkeys?

At a monkey has to be obligatory the place. In a cage at a stick Peach, ropes, feeding troughs and a berth.
Minimalnaya Square of a cage – 1.5х2 meters, and height – about 2 meters (and if there is an opportunity, then above). But it is the minimum sizes, the more a cage, the better. Did me a cage under the order.
From experience: Food should not roll on all cage. The Peach has the bowl. Constantly there has to be a clear water. Some monkeys are accustomed to drink from a mug, but several trainings for this purpose are necessary.
Has to be a berth – for example, it is possible to get a cat's lodge with a soft bottom or to spread a pillow or a plaid. It is impossible that the vervetka fell down on iron rods.
Have to be toys: not only soft, but also for pogryzushka, etc.
Diapers are put on on the Peach only "an exit". For a toilet it has no certain place, but in a cage there has to be a double bottom that waste products failed through a trellised bottom of a cage. However the distance between a double bottom has to be such that the monkey could not reach excrement hands. Or if there food fails, the vervetka will try to get it, and it is undesirable. In a lodge or near a feeding trough the Peach does not go to a toilet.
the Lower pallet is made of plastic.
the Cage surely is placed on sunny side. The monkey needs heat and ultraviolet rays. Drafts should not be. When the room is aired, it is better to move away a monkey to other room.
Vervetka of a Photo
On a photo: vervetka
Ya I try to clean a cage each 2 days. But the smell in the house all the same is. Though the Peach practically does not smell.
From experience: Temperature indoors has to be not less than +25 degrees. Monkeys live in the environment where even at night +35 … +40 degrees, and even 25 degrees of heat for them – are cold. Therefore even houses the Peach sometimes walks in clothes. The slightest overcooling – and at a monkey begins bronchitis, and to find the veterinarian who will be able to appoint competent treatment, very difficult.
the Peach goes to bed at 22:00 – 22:30 and wakes up approximately at 9 in the morning.
Can bathe monkeys in the morning and in the evening with use of children's shampoo. Monkeys – very clean creations.
Of course, a monkey cannot sit in a cage the whole day, it needs an opportunity to move freely. It is better if it is the whole day, and a cage – only for the night. Absolutely the minimum of the free movement is an hour 2 in day, but it is difficult to monkey to take out such conditions.
the Peach attempts upon wall-paper and a plinth. If wall-paper somewhere slightly lagged behind, he will pick out on the quiet, and then takes a mouth, tears off teeth and tries to eat.
Green Dwarfish Monkey Manual Photo
On a photo: green dwarfish monkey

Breed monkeys in house conditions?

It is difficult
, but, I think, quite really. But I did not think of it. Took the Peach for training and if I place to it a samochka, it will not work.

What owner is necessary to a vervetka?

can be also the first pet. But the person before buying a monkey, has to communicate surely to monkeys – not in a zoo, and in house conditions. Because it is heavy responsibility, and people sometimes take such animals, without thinking of what conditions are necessary to them. It is necessary to understand whom you take.
the Monkey is as the child, and it requires as much attention. The cat stays at home and will sleep. If the monkey stays at home the whole day one, then will be ill or will become embittered. And they get used to a certain person, and "babysitters" or even other members of household can not always even feed a vervetka. That is only the person who freely have the time can get her.
the Owner of a monkey has to be quiet, patient, to a certain degree strict and surely responsible. Vervetka is a child, only hairy and with a tail.
live In bondage of a monkey up to 40 years, and all this time you should arrange the life under needs of the pet. That is this decision for the rest of life.
Vervetka Manual Photo

On a photo: vervetka

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