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the Bird spider whose species are presented by a big variety, it is considered very dangerous to the person. These are huge representatives of the look who can reach 20 centimeters in length if to consider together with pads. Because of their effective appearance of bird spiders often contain in quality of pets. They can live in an aquarium, and at the correct contents feel not worse, than in the wild environment.

What Bird Spiders Are
the Bird spider whose species are presented by a big variety is considered very dangerous for человека.

Пауки-птицееды are arthropods from a class arachnoid. They received the name because of the picture created by the German artist Maria Marian on whom the spider hunts a humming-bird. In real life similar succession of events is quite possible therefore the name "bird spider" is very relevant for such spiders. In some sources it is possible to notice that this look rank as tarantulas, but actually it not so. The type has a bit different building a helitser. By the way, for this reason bird spiders can reach the huge sizes.

What Bird Spiders Are
Bird spiders are arthropods from the class паукообразных.

Особенности of an insect

It is a spider, exotic for our area, therefore its not against to keep many in quality of a pet. But it is necessary to consider that such arthropods are quite dangerous to the person therefore it is necessary to provide the correct contents. It will allow not to fall a victim of the pet.

Feature of bird spiders is their shaggy little body which is most often painted is juicy and is bright. Such spiders very impressively look. It is worth noticing that this type of arthropods is inclined to a molt. After each such procedure the spider not only considerably increases in sizes, but also can change a color. At the same time the bird spider becomes more and more beautiful and bright with age.

During a molt there is a disposal of an old exoskeleton which consists of a chitinous layer. Thanks to this cover, the spider is reliably protected from various mechanical damages. Moreover, chitinous layer allows a bird spider to keep for a long time moisture and to do without water. Such feature is considered vital for spiders whose native habitat is the desert area.

Bird spiders have 6 pairs of extremities from which are 4 pads, that is vehicles. Besides, there are couple which helps to dig holes and to be protected, and 2 more extremities carry out exclusively tactile role. Paws which work for protection are called helitser. They can be distinguished on such sign as protrusion of extremities forward. The spider pushes helitser forward as on them poisonous glands are located that allows to defeat quicker the opponent or to get rid of enemies.

Special hairs are responsible for recognition of smells and sounds. They are located standing a spider. Sensitivity at bird spiders fine therefore they well hunt and quickly find to themselves food.

As for the sizes of spiders of this look, they can be absolutely different. Everything depends on age of an individual and a look. Some spiders do not grow the sizes more than 3 cm, and others at a certain stage of the life become of the size of a palm of the adult man. Therefore it is worth thinking several times before agreeing to get as a pet of such spider. The arthropod 25 cm long and weighing 180 g, besides equipped with poisonous glands on front extremities, can be dangerous to the person therefore it is necessary to support him in the correct conditions.

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Should bring such favourite

Species of this insect exists very much. They differ in the sizes, character and degree of danger to the person. Therefore if there was desire to take the pet's arthropod, it is worth thinking several times. It is desirable for beginners to stop the choice on those types which are nonaggressive, quiet and do not attack the first.

It is necessary to remember danger as bird spiders are to some extent poisonous for the person though it and cannot lead to serious poisoning healthy and adults. Nevertheless for small animals, including cats and dogs of decorative breeds, the contact with a bird spider can lead to fatal consequences. Moreover, if in family there are allergic persons, then you should not get a bird spider as a pet.

Bird spiders can dump poisonous hairs as protection. But some bite the victim, allocating at the same time an impressive portion of poison. Nevertheless stings not always become poisonous. Quite often there is only a skin scratch. But so occurs not in each case. Some people after contact with a bird spider have a temperature increase of a body, a spasm, crazy states and severe pain in the struck place.

It is necessary to consider still that some types protect not only themselves, but also the nest. Poisonous hairs which bird spiders interweave into a web are for this purpose used. Therefore it is better not to touch the nest weaved by a bird spider.

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of the Habitat

At the correct leaving similar individuals will perfectly feel. But they need to create such conditions which will not be worse than natural. For this purpose it is necessary to know about that, bird spiders live where exactly.

Most often they meet in South America and Africa. But still bird spiders are widespread in Australia, some countries of Europe, North America and Oceania. The only continent where it is impossible to meet a bird spider in the habitat is Antarctica. As for the European states then spiders of this sort are not enough, but periodically they come across in the south of Spain, Italy and in Portugal.

the Majority of bird spiders live on the earth . They build to themselves holes, do in them traps for the victims and grow up the posterity there. But there are also such types which prefer to live on trees. Not really there is a lot of wood bird spiders, and they are widespread generally in Africa. Here they live on various trees including on coconut palms. Bird spiders very much love coconut flakes therefore it is recommended to be used as a laying in an aquarium for the house contents.

Bird spiders differ also on the preferences to amount of moisture. Some lodge in places where often there are rains, and others most of all love semi-deserts and can do a long time without water. But the main condition for normal life of a bird spider is heat. They do not transfer cold. At the correct leaving and comfortable temperature the bird spider can live 30 years. Arthropods reach maturity differently. Females grow quicker than males. Most often on reaching reproductive age the spider ceases to fade, and on it his opportunities for growth come to an end.

What Bird Spiders Are

What to feed with

a spider

If it was decided to get as a pet a huge spider, then it is worth thinking over a question of its feeding at once. This is not a cat or a dog who will be glad to a dry feed or a stone. The bird spider needs to be fed with what they usually eat in the environment.

the Spider cannot give only meat and a bird. the spider cannot Often digest similar products. The main diet of arthropods of this kind consists of small spiders, cockroaches, flies and crickets. Such food is necessary for a spider during growth. When the individual reaches reproductive age, it is possible to offer a bird spider a small snake, a frog, small baby birds or fish. Besides, they not against to regale on cubs of rodents.

How to choose an insect

All representatives of this family are divided into 13 subfamilies where a huge number of various types enters: both Chinese bird spider, and coconut, and some other.

Some bird spiders are very aggressive therefore they should be chosen only to skilled collectors. But there are bird spiders whom it is possible to contain houses in a terrarium, both quite quiet and even harmless for the person, without being afraid for the health. As an example it is possible to take a wood spider of Avikulyariya a versikolor. He is considered one of the most beautiful representatives of the family, but at the same time has rather quiet character. Even for protection this spider very seldom releases poisonous hairs. Most often he prefers to escape from dangers. Length of a body of this bird spider reaches 18 cm with paws. It is necessary to support him at a temperature of +25 °C and humidity about 80%.

experts advise Those who looks for dangerous pets Geteroskodr of the makulat. It is the African wood bird spider who not only is poisonous, but also it is very aggressive. The scope of his legs reaches 15 cm. Such bird spiders love temperature not below +22 °C and low humidity. In the terrarium the spider does a shelter of a web which for the person is dangerous.

What Bird Spiders Are

And aggressive also the Brazilian black-and-white bird spider is unpredictable. He reaches the sizes to 25 cm and likes to hide in holes which he does in stones or in roots of trees. There live these spiders up to 15 years.

If to choose the most beautiful bird spider, then a species of the Chilean pink bird spider who still call Grammostol of a roze approaches under this description most. This is one of the most popular spiders for house contents. Its sales break all records, but to it there are reasons which consist not only in beautiful appearance. All the matter is that pink bird spiders are safe, most seldom show aggression and practically do not dump the poisonous hairs. This look in the environment lives in Chile where always warmly. Therefore and for house contents it is necessary to create to a bird spider similar conditions. To a spider it will be comfortable at a temperature from +20 to +25 °C and humidity about 60%. If the manufacturer correctly does everything, then his pet will live up to 20 years.

the largest representative of this family is Terafoz's bird spider of a blond . It was even entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the sizes of an adult individual reach 28 cm weighing 180 g. In the habitat of such giants it is possible to meet in Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam and others the countries of South America. Bird spiders of this species of mice, frogs, snakes and lizards eat. But to try to add to itself to a collection such individual it is useless. All the matter is that Terafoz's bird spiders of a blond are rare and they are forbidden to be taken out from the native habitat. Therefore in house terrariums they do not meet. If to someone such spider meets, then it is necessary to remember that he is very aggressive and the first attacks, leaving dangerous stings.

What Bird Spiders Are

Contents in house conditions

Fans of spiders assure that there are no difficulties in cultivation of bird spiders of the house. If to create them the correct conditions for life, then special danger to the person will not be, and the arthropod will grow and please with the presence the owner. It is easy to breed bird spiders in house conditions, but it is impossible to hold individuals together as at them the cannibalism is considered norm.

For each spider it is necessary to prepare a terrarium. Its walls have to be rather high that the long-legged bird spider could not get over through protections. It is desirable to close the habitat of a bird spider and from above.

Irrespective of, a coconut spider it or any other, it is necessary to create inside such atmosphere that he felt not worse, than in the habitat. For this purpose it is worth placing some snag in a terrarium and to fill up a floor with soil. Bird spiders very much love coconut flakes therefore most often it also is recommended as a laying. If at home the norny spider contains, then the ground level has to be not less than 10 cm. It is desirable to get the extended terrariums for such types. The laying changes every time after a molt of a spider.

Norny types require the place where they will be able to hide. It can be a half of a shell of a coco.

Bird spiders are thermophilic therefore at them it has to be always warm. As means of heating infrared lamps are used. It is possible to get a thermolaying still. The humidity depends on a species of a bird spider. If it treats those which need very many water, it is necessary to carry out 1 time in 2 days spraying of a terrarium.

How to breed bird spiders (video)

As for food, for young individuals it is necessary to get insects. The adult bird spider eats cockroaches, crickets, flour hearts, newborn little mice. And it is enough to feed of him with cockroaches, live crickets, flour hearts once a month, but it is possible to give meat, for example, of newborn little mice from time to time. The forage for a bird spider has to be live or the freshest. But the main thing that the size of a dish did not exceed the weight of the spider. At the correct leaving and comfortable contents the spider will please the manufacturer decades.

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