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Animal the jaguar is one of the most beautiful and dangerous representatives of the world of predators. The animal killing with one jump – is so translated the word "Jaguar" from language of Indians of America. On the American continent this predator which speed and dexterity struck colonialists of the New World was for the first time found. Ancient tribes of Aztecs and Maya worshipped a strong, hardy and fast animal. Ancient people carried on themselves canines, claws or a skin of a jaguar to have its unsurpassed qualities.

Wild animal jaguar: the description and a way of life
Animal a jaguar is one of the most beautiful and dangerous representatives of the world хищников

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The jaguar is an animal from the cat family. This large predator belongs to a genus of panthers and it is externally similar to a leopard, but exceeds it in sizes. The head of a jaguar is similar to the tigerish head with dense short fur and the rounded-off ears of black color in the middle of which outer surface there is a yellow spot. The body weight of an animal can reach 150 kg, and height in withers usually is 70-80 cm. A female there are less males, their weight seldom exceeds 100 kg. Distinctive feature of the structure of a skeleton of a predator is the long tail. the largest individuals are extended by in Brazil in the State of Mato Grosso , low animals meet in Guatemala and Honduras.

A color of a jaguar of a sand shade with bright red spots and a dark brown fringing. Spots can be continuous, in the form of rings or sockets. The head and paws are covered with black specks. Lower body and soles of paws white. Distinguish the following species of jaguars:

  • Central American;
  • Mexican;
  • Peruvian;
  • Amazonian;
  • Arizonian;
  • Paraguayan;
  • Brazilian;
  • Texas;
  • Goldman's jaguar.

Some types are on the verge of disappearance therefore need careful protection. In the nature completely black Jaguar which mistakenly take for a panther also meets. The black predator is not a kind of a jaguar, it only manifestation of a melanizm which meets at many animals.

Wild animal jaguar: the description and a way of life
the Jaguar is an animal from the cat family

the Habitat

Tropical rainforests of South and North America with the primitive nature and rich fauna – the most widespread places where the jaguar lives. Though he can be met in a light forest, the steppe, the mountain woods, reed thickets and even on the coast where the animal digs out turtle eggs. The area of spotty predators begins with the jungle of Central America and stretches practically for all territory of the South American continent.

In such countries as Uruguay and El Salvador, the wild cat a jaguar is completely exterminated. Reduction of territories in which the animal lives is the reason of disappearance of population of predators. Besides, because of beautiful fur on these animals active hunting was long since conducted. However now all species of a jaguar are included in the Red List.

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Speed and dexterity of animals allows them to attack with impunity a livestock that too forces farmers to get rid of the dangerous predators living in the neighbourhood.

wild cats Move by land, however very much love water and high trees therefore they can often be noticed on a thick branch or in a reservoir. Animals only of open plains avoid. Jaguars do not live in flocks, preferring single existence. At males the territory is much more, than at females, and often exceeds 100 km ². The territory of usually triangular shape is also sometimes crossed with the habitat of other jaguars. The animal concerns the fellows tolerantly, and here in the territory does not transfer presence of predators of other types. Especially aggressively the jaguar is incited against other representatives of the cat family.

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Way of life

The jaguar can be awake both in the afternoon, and at night. These animals, as a rule, spend active time of day on hunting and a round of the territory. Animals lead a vagrant life, passing several tens of kilometers a day. Several days the animal hunts on one site of the territory, and then passes into other place. Besides, every week it completely bypasses borders of the site.

Jaguar is a predator therefore he finds for hunting a large number of time. This animal prefers to hunt from an ambush as looks imperceptible in a high grass or bushes. Its main advantage is the speed therefore the animal does not approach the victim, and looks out for it from the remote shelter which can be located even on a tree.

Wild animal jaguar: description and way of life

If the jaguar attacked the victim, then to it not to escape. the Predator so strong that one jump can not only knock down a large animal but also break to it a backbone. Canines at a jaguar sharp and powerful, capable to bite through a skull. However the victim has a chance to survive if she notices the hidden predator in time and will run away. Despite the excellent speed, Jaguars seldom pursue the running-away production, but will zealously jump in a reservoir if the victim tries to escape by swimming. Predators are excellent swimmers, sometimes they even catch fish from reservoirs. The main production of wild cats are capybaras and other representatives artiodactyl.

The predator and small rodents does not disdain. The spotty animal does not do to the person harm, however often attacks a livestock.

Wild animal jaguar: description and way of life

Character of these wild cats quiet therefore they do not attack others of predators if not to provoke them. But the furious animal is capable to cope even with the large and strong enemy. Cases when the jaguar battled against a cayman are frequent and came out the winner. In prosecution this animal does not have equal too. If it catches up with someone, then is capable to gather speed to 90 km/h.

Despite a single way of life, during the marriage period animals gather in couples. Unlike many representatives of fauna, males do not arrange among themselves fights. The female itself chooses the partner, passing to his territory and remaining there during the entire period of pairing.

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For a den the secluded place on a tree or in a high grass is chosen. The female bears slightly more than 3 months cubs. As a rule, from 2 to 4 cubs are born. In 6-7 weeks young predators begin to leave a den and to come with mother for hunting. In the territory of mother the young growth lives 2 years, and then looks for own habitats. Often they settle down in the neighbourhood.

Jaguars live long enough. In bondage life expectancy of these predators makes 25 years. However in the nature mortality among animals is high, especially it concerns young growth which half usually does not live up to 2 years.

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