• Sep 20, 2019

If you never held houses of these nice small animals, the question " with what to feed хорьк and" can nonplus. However if you adhere to our recommendations, your pet will be healthy and cheerful.

 What to feed a polecat of a photo

with What to feed a domestic polecat?

The polecat can be fed with both dry feeds, and natural products. The main thing that the diet was full and balanced.

If you choose the first option, look for a specialized dry feed for polecats. The forage has to be a superpremium class.

Minimum content of protein in a dry feed for polecats — 32%, fats — 18%. And here grain should not be a part. Sometimes the dry feed is watered with chicken broth.

At natural feeding consider that polecats — predators, and therefore need a large amount of protein. So you should not do of the vegetarian's pet precisely. It is necessary to feed a polecat with meat (chicken, a turkey, a duck). It is possible to give to a polecat boiled sea fish (without bones) and eggs. From time to time it is admissible to feed to a polecat fast beef or mutton (boiled).

Some owners feed polecats farshkashy. As a rule, it is mix of a bird (including giblets) and razvarenny porridge (buckwheat, rice or oat). It is possible to add cottage cheese. However consider that the meat share in this dish has to make at least 80%.

You watch that in access there was always fresh water (especially if you offer a polecat a dry feed), otherwise at your pet there will come dehydration or overheating. Water has to be room temperature.

Bowls for food and water regularly wash.

 What to feed a polecat of a photo

It is possible to feed a polecat with a dog or cat's forage?

No! Needs of a polecat for food considerably differ from dog and cat's. So if you choose a dry feed, stop on that which was developed especially for polecats. Besides advantage for health, the specialized forage will help a polecat to keep teeth healthy.

It is possible to give to a polecat of a bone?

The maxillary device of polecats is adapted for crushing of bones. In addition, bones – a source of nutrients. So the bone needs to be added to a diet of a polecat.

How many times to feed a polecat?

If you happened to watch a long time behavior of a polecat, you for certain noticed that he "has constantly a bite". Processes of metabolism at these zverok take place quickly so strictly to regulate for them a diet (2 — 3 times a day) — not the best decision. The polecat needs continuous access to a forage. Your task — in time to fill up it and to watch that food did not spoil.

As a rule, at the "free" mode the polecat eats 7 — 10 times a day, but does not overeat at the same time. Polecats know when to stop and are not inclined to excess weight.

with What it is impossible to feed a polecat?

There are products which in a coma a case cannot be given to a polecat. These are carrots, apples, dairy products (except cottage cheese), farinaceous food, sweets, fried, fat and smoked, crude fish, whole nuts and also waste from your table.

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