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of the Small fish of the guppy – some of the most popular aquarian small fishes. Guppi can be bought in any pet-shop, they are unpretentious, quickly get accustomed and easily adapt. It is easy to look after them therefore these small fishes well will suit those who for the first time decided to decorate the house with an aquarium and so far is afraid to get fishes who demand difficult leaving. By the size they small – from 2 to 6 cm

of the Small fish of the guppy – some of the most popular aquarian small fishes

Very beautifully look males of the guppy. They have magnificent bright tails, and scales can be poured by all colors of the rainbow. These small fishes will become decoration of any aquarium. Much more boringly against the background of males females look. They are much larger, and their scales cast in ordinary-looking gray color.

males of the guppy

How to support small fishes of the guppy (video) Very beautifully look

Origin of fishes and their version

The story about the guppy cannot do without mention of where also by whom these fishes were for the first time found. And Robert Guppi found them, in his honor they also were called. Their homeland – the Amazon River. Exactly there history of these fishes originates. They met in the north of Brazil, on the islands of Tobago, Trinidad, Barbados, on the island Guiana, in Venezuela. It should be noted that they eat larvae of mosquitoes which carry yellow fever therefore guppies in the nature were always considered as very useful. For this reason now these small fishes live in many freshwater reservoirs. They live also in Russia – in the Moskva River and in Volga.

Guppi enter a class of luchepery fishes. The set of various coloring and breeds of the guppy meets. The reason of such wealth is simple: it is simple to remove new types of the guppy, there is a large number of the associations which are engaged in it. For the same reason it is almost impossible to systematize kinds of the guppy — them too much.

Moscow, German, Japanese, glass, carpet, neon, a swallow, the guppy a panda, тукседо, a carnation, the galaxy, the savage – and it is not all types. Among themselves different breeds of the guppy differ in a shape of a tail and a color : they can be one-color or spotty, with round tails or with fan-shaped. For example, guppy panda two-color. From the head to fins it a white, and back half of a body and a tail at it black. Also the Berlin guppies have a two-color color. They have red fins and half a black trunk. This look is widely known and very popular. Leopard have elegant spotty coloring which makes them similar to leopards. The blonde – one more interesting breed. These fishes look very nobly thanks to the white color. Glass guppies and the truth look so as if are made of glass. Their body has no pigmentation. Also royal guppies who are called still red dragons are allocated. They one-color – fins, a tail, a trunk and even eyes at these fishes of saturated scarlet color. Breeds of the guppy differ also in a shape of fins. For example, the guppy have swallows fins long, thin and extended as if bird's wings.

Gallery: kinds of the guppy (42 photos)

Reproduction and food

If you decide to breed these fishes, you should know that whitebaits have to live separately from adult individuals and from other inhabitants of an aquarium. If they share the dwelling with fishes more largely, then quickly will become for them a forage. Guppi's – viviparous fishes. the Pregnant female needs to be placed in a separate small aquarium or in bank. When whitebaits are born, they will be already rather independent therefore it is better to return mother at once to other fishes that she did not eat own posterity. Constant presence of a male at an aquarium is not necessary for reproduction. After first labor the female can bring about 7 more times posterity without participation of a male. The quantity of whitebaits depends on age and health of a female. For once she can bring from 10 to 100 whitebaits.

These small fishes are unpretentious in the questions concerning food. They can be fed also with special sterns for fishes, and live components – worms, small insects. The forage is more various and more qualitative, the small fishes will be brighter and larger. Also they eat a raid of seaweed therefore in an aquarium in which there live guppies there have to be plants. It is important to watch that these small fishes did not eat too much. They are constantly hungry, but regular overeating will lead to problems with health and will reduce life expectancy. is the best of all to Feed 2 times a day . You watch also that small fishes ate all forage. The forage remains which fell to a bottom will begin to decay and spoil water over time that will significantly affect health of your favourites.

Aquarian Small Fishes of the Guppy

the Ideal aquarium for the guppy

The beginning aquarian will not be mistaken if he chooses the guppy: keeping of these fishes will not cause him problems. But it should be taken into account that elite breeds are very whimsical and demand special leaving. Water temperature of 24 °C suits elite guppies best of all. directly depends On conditions of keeping the term of life of the guppy. High temperature accelerates all processes in an organism of small fishes therefore they die quicker, living in heated-up water.

Once a week it is necessary to clean an aquarium, to change a third of water. Do not forget also that these fishes need light. Put an aquarium so that in the afternoon it lit the sun. In the evening or in cloudy day as a light source also the usual desk lamp will approach.

Aquarian Small Fishes of the Guppy

The volume of an aquarium depends on quantity of fishes whom you want to get. If it happens so that to small fishes it will be close, males will fight. In a fight they can spoil each other tails, thereby having lost natural beauty which they are so appreciated by aquarians. Also the guppy a male can begin to battle against other male for attention of a female, but usually such battles do not lead to serious injuries. It is important that the guppy had also an empty seat to swim for a while, and the reliable shelter. Plants can serve as the shelter. Best of all what have soft leaves and small will approach.

Species of aquarian small fishes (video)

These aquarian small fishes very peace therefore without problems can adjoin to other same peace fishes. If you do not want to miss the guppy in an aquarium once or to see that bright tails of males turned into tatters, you should not lodge them together with predators. For example, with skalyariya or diskusa.

Life expectancy of these aquarian fishes – 2-3 years. It depends on temperature and purity of water, on quality and quantity of a forage. Do not forget to watch an aquarium and food of the favourites that they as long as possible pleased with the beauty.

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