• Sep 18, 2019
the Biotopny aquarium is an aquarium in which we keep fish in the conditions as close as possible to her habitat.

 the Biotopny aquarium of a photo On a photo: biotopny aquarium

In such aquarium the basic is fish. She has to be effective and interesting in respect of behavior. For example, often use цихлид. They have certain I.Q., protect the territory, show mating dance, breed, build hierarchy, recognize the one who feeds them, and try to drive away strangers from glass. It is interesting to watch it.

Such aquarium, as a rule, bright, saturated, beautiful, but plastic details it is not necessary to use.
 Biotopny aquarium of a photo
But should consider conditions in which fish lives in the nature. For example, if she lives at a stony bottom, in an aquarium there has to be a stony bottom, but fishes at the same time has to be bright, and them has to be much — then nothing will distract attention from fishes.

Is nuance which needs to be considered. Bright fishes in an aquarium with bright details often hide and refuse to breed. Therefore scenery of an aquarium have to be as much as possible modest.
 Biotopny aquarium of a photo
Consider the size of a biotopny aquarium. If you in the capacity of small volume start several large fishes, they will badly feel and can even kill each other. 250 liters – quite normal volume for the apartment, but small fishes in this case it is necessary to select circumspectly.

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not only at appearance. The small fish can be gray and ordinary-looking, but she can have very interesting behavior, for example, a courting ritual, forming of hierarchy, etc., and it is very fascinating to watch it. And the flock of little small fishes can be not less interesting at all, than the big bright fish swimming alone.
 Biotopny aquarium of a photo

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