• Sep 18, 2019
Aquarium husbandry — not обязательнî дорого. Аквариум it is possible to create with any budget, even the most minimum. However in this case it is worth being guided by the following principles .

If we deal with the minimum budget on the aquarium equipment, it is necessary to be guided not by the fact that we want, and on that maximum which can be made for the available means. That is we choose those small fishes for whom it is possible, having spent small money, to create the beautiful habitat. And the best choice in this case — a cockerel.
 the Small fish a cockerel of a photo
On a photo: A small fish cockerel — ideal option for the budgetary aquarium.
Of course, is also other interesting small fishes who can live in an aquarium of small volume, but care of them is much more difficult, it is especially difficult to support the necessary parameters of water: chemical composition, gas balance, temperature, etc. Generally, there is a lot of nuances.

B wild, the environment of dwelling a cockerel — not such a beautiful, greyish small fish. What we see in pet-shops it is a decorative version. But in the nature they live including in very small reservoirs, even practically in puddles. Therefore they are very convenient in contents. This small fish is less exacting to water quality in an aquarium, breathes oxygen of air and at the same time very effectively look.
 Small fish cockerel of a photo
the Small fish cockerel is so simple in contents that she can be supported in the most "budgetary" aquarium, but at the same time is very beautiful.
Life expectancy of a small fish cockerel small (about 3 years), but at the same time they often manage to participate in the championships on a rank of the best small fish.
Cockerels are very interesting on behavior. Males fight with males, and to death. During reproduction if the female did not manage to run away from a nest in time, the male can kill her. Whitebaits are looked after by a male: creates on a water surface foam from vials of air and showers there caviar which is thrown by a female. It is very fascinating to watch all this.
But that all this was, need to make efforts nevertheless. For example, to support two small fishes in two capacities, near, that they saw each other, in time to unite them, that is not to throw everything on drift.
However, and for the ordinary person who wants that in a small aquarium the small fish for whom the minimum leaving is necessary swam (and did not die too quickly) is a great option. Just once a week change all water, drip there the conditioner that the small fish from a stress from fresh water did not jump out, fill slightly forages (it is desirable live, but it is possible to feed and dry), you hold an aquarium at a temperature not below 22 With — and all.
On a photo: Small fish cockerel "

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