• Sep 18, 2019
Each aquarian aspires to that "the underwater world" became true decoration of an interior. However at decoration of an aquarium it is impossible to forget about wellbeing of its inhabitants.

What it is good and that it is bad in decoration of an aquarium?

Main what it is necessary to remember: and good can only be beautiful natural.
 Decoration of an aquarium of a photo On a photo: decoration of an aquarium
Everything, made of plastic (divers, ships, etc.) — to put it mildly, not the best option. Even if the aquarium was created for the child, you should not put under toy water.
can make the Aquarium interesting and without similar doubtful jewelry.
Than is bad plastic for decoration of an aquarium? First, all types of plastic emit many toxins in water sooner or later (it is rather, early). Yes, good, expensive scenery can be covered with harmless paint, but at us the "budgetary" options from the series "it is made in China" which sometimes become a cause of death of small fishes most often are on sale.
Secondly, big, volume plastic jewelry can be appropriate if you have very volume aquarium, but at the same time the natural rock of 10х15 meters in size will not get there. Therefore here the artificial materials which are most reminding natural are used. But in an aquarium of small volume it is inappropriate.
, and there is "a live sea". Between them — an essential difference. In the first option all "green", in the second — "sinenky", are also perceived they differently.

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