• Sep 18, 2019
can support In an aquarium practically any fishes, everything depends on your desire and opportunities, including on the size of an aquarium and its other inhabitants. At the same time many owners give preference to exotic fishes in an aquarium.

 Exotic fishes in an aquarium On a photo: an example of exotic fish in an aquarium

Is night fishes who eat, generally at night, and there are day. There are fishes who swim on a water surface and eat in the same place, and there are those which look for food in the thickness of water or at a bottom. There are deathbirds, and there are those who choose only fresh food.
 Exotic fishes in a photo aquarium
On a photo: an example of exotic fish in an aquarium
General rule: the fish is more exclusive and more interesting, the probability is less that she will breed in bondage.
Generally all of them are caught from the native habitat and transported here. Such fish will not eat dry feeds, the live or frozen forage, and even only live is necessary for her. Then you should buy insects to feed the pet. Therefore if you want to get an interesting, exotic small fish, it is necessary to understand in the beginning, than she eats and whether you will be able to create for it a food supply.
 Exotic fishes in a photo aquarium
the Second question: whether fish will eat when she got used to do it in the nature. Because some fishes got used to eat only at dawn, and in other time refuses to eat food. And it will float 2 — 3 months and will starve simply if you cannot feed her in due time. Because, for example, in tropics where she lives, at this time it is raining, water indicators changed, and fish looks for food. And if we cannot create such conditions, the pet will die.
 Exotic fishes in a photo aquarium
If you dream of the long fish, in a form reminding a snake consider that most of them — night predators or deathbirds. That is for them it is normal to spend the whole day, having just buried in soil or in stones and to get out only at night therefore you will not see it at all.

Is zmeegolovy fishes: they are interesting, beautiful, but eat only live sterns. They swim in the thickness of water, but more any being will not be able to live in an aquarium because they are so aggressive that kill all live. And one zmeegol can kill another if they are in limited space. I.e. at you such small fish will live alone, and you should feed her from tweezers — and she still can bite you by a hand.

If you such situation suits
– get a zmeegolov. But then you will have not an aquarium as a certain ecosystem, and just the place for temporary stay of specific fish. The aquarium in true sense is an ecosystem, and it is necessary to create it entirely, beginning from inhabitants who live at the bottom, in stones, in the thickness of water, in the top layers — all niches have to be engaged.
 Exotic fishes in a photo aquarium

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