• Sep 18, 2019
the International competition of aquarian design of IAPLC (The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest) is held by

in Japan since 2001. Organizers of a competition: ADA company (Aqua Design Amano).

competition Purpose: to attract and unite aquarians from around the world that professional judges (artists, professional aquarians, editors of profile editions, designers) could choose the best.

Assessment and the choice is carried out according to photos. Refereeing methods periodically change, but now this competition is considered the most influential and objective.

I participate in the competition IAPLC since 2011. Also I can tell with confidence what increases every year both the number of member countries, and number of persons interested to present the works. Both level of photography, and level of works grows. This year 3 persons from Belarus participated.

my Best achievement — the 211th place from 2164 participants from 57 countries of the world, it happened in 2013. Then, before sending work to the International competition, I participated in the competition "Nanoworld-2013" in Belarus where I took the 1st place.

Preparation for the international competition of aquarian design

The aquarium for a competition is grown up several months or even year. How to photograph, it needs to be prepared: to change water, to cut something, to straighten, pour sand, etc. It demands time: I prepared an aquarium with a capacity of 600 liters 6 hours.

If to photograph the underwater world at least for 1 day later, than it was planned, the picture will already be another. The matter is that in the first day after change of water when using a powerful light source the photo turns out very beautiful: all shades green, yellow, red and brown are displayed.

needs to use a small exposition to manage to depict the floating fish or waves on a surface. Sometimes on water drip that circles dispersed, sometimes remove still water, different types of registration of an aquarium look differently.

Illumination of a background is applied to create the maximum effect of depth of an aquarium. If a background black, we as much as possible highlight the foreground to darken a background even more. But recently almost nobody uses a black background.

That gives participation in the international competition of aquarian design

Participation in competitions is very useful. First, the winner wins a monetary prize. Secondly (and it is more important for me) – recognition among other professionals in the sphere of aquarium husbandry at world level. Thirdly, it is an opportunity to sum up the work results in a year and to decide on plans for the future. To put it briefly, participating in such competitions, you develop as the designer, can look at works of colleagues, take something new and use in work with clients.

Participation in competitions also forms responsibility. If at your place just there is an aquarium which does not stimulate you in any way, the thirst for beauty can die away because of household problems, lack of financing, etc. over time, and the beautiful aquarium can turn into ugly very quickly. But when you prepare for a competition, know that in a year you will need to photograph it and it is necessary to finish conceived.

other world competitions which are held in taiwan the usa and europe also. I did not send the works to Taiwan, and in the USA and Europe I plan to participate in competitions.

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