• Feb 9, 2019

About the forgetful person is said that it has a memory as at a goldfish. But scientists dispelled the myth about small fishes for a long time. According to some information, water inhabitants are capable to keep in memory of an event no more than 3 — 4 seconds. However the return is proved — fishes have good ability to storing. It should be noted that their memory considerably differs from the accepted understanding and sharply contrasts with human opportunities.

Memory as at a Small Fish Scientists about the Myth about Goldfishes

Australian experiment

The research was conducted by the Australian student Rorau Stokes. Having heard a statement that fishes have short-term memory, he decided to make experiment.

Goldfishes in an Aquarium

Within the experiment the young man placed several individuals in an aquarium. Daily in 13 seconds prior to feeding it lowered a tag beacon in water. The marker signaled about exact location of a forage. The beacon was put every time in the new place. Thanks to it the student focused attention experimental on the tag, but not on the place where there is a food. The experiment lasted 3 weeks. At first individuals gathered around food with a tag within a minute. On collecting later at a feeding trough no more than 5 seconds were allotted.

The new investigation phase was in checking memory of experimental. For a week the young man carried out feeding without emphasis. For the seventh day he placed a tag again. Surprisingly, but inhabitants of an aquarium gathered at it in 5 seconds and obediently expected a portion of food. This experience confirmed that memory of fishes is much better, than is considered to be.

Canadian tsikhlida

One more experiment was made in Canada on the basis of research institute MacEwan University. It was calculated on storing not of a tag, and place where there was a feeding . For it took a little цихлид and two aquariums.

Canadian Tsikhlida

of Fishes placed in one capacity where within 3 days carried out feeding strictly in one sector. Experience showed that already every other day tsikhlida by the time of a lunch gathered in the place of alleged feeding.

Then individuals were transferred to the second aquarium where there were 12 days. After term scientists transferred experimental to the first aquarium again. It was noticed that the most part of time of an individual was spent in that place, where was carried out initial feeding .

Experiences showed that fishes are capable to remember the place and circumstances, however memory at them considerably differs from human.

of Feature of memory

The person remembers bright events, special circumstances and even insignificant things which surround him at some point lives. At fishes all differently. Inhabitants of natural reservoirs focus attention on the following factors:

Features of Memory of Fishes

  • the place where there is a food;
  • habitat (water temperature, seasons, current);
  • the place for a dream;
  • life-threatening objects and factors;
  • other individuals who can do harm or, on the contrary, show friendliness.

of Fish have accurate associative memory. If to speak to simple languages, then water inhabitants are capable to record an image or a state then at any time can reproduce action.

Scientists mark out two memories: short-term (it is based on habits and habits) and long-term (memoirs). It is possible to give seasonal migration when all individuals move to more favorable conditions for existence as an example.

Aquarian fishes have two appearance of memoirs too. are inherent in Them such accents:

Aquarian Fishes

  • place of a feeding trough;
  • the owner (the image of the supporter causes associations with food for this reason at the sight of the person of fish gather at an aquarium wall);
  • temporary parameters;
  • neighbors in an aquarium.

After several experiments it is possible to claim with an accuracy that fishes have a memory . The myth about three seconds is only delusion.

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