• Sep 18, 2019
Before each aquarian rises a question: what small fishes to choose in a natural aquarium – big or small? To choose to you, however there are features which should be considered.

Is a basic difference in keeping of big and small fishes in a natural aquarium.

Big fishes — most often predators, and small — generally herbivorous. Herbivorous small fishes eat 3 times a day (ideally) or, as a last resort, 2 times a day. Adult predatory fishes are fed 1 time in 2 — 3 days, but process of feeding borrows minutes 15 (to throw a piece of a forage, to wait until it is eaten, and "to deliver" following — and so so far fish will not be sated).

If big fish is correctly fed, water always clean and an aquarium looks beautifully because even if there are remains, then within two days they are processed by the filter, and biological balance of an aquarium is leveled. Besides, as a rule, except large fish, contain some more small (for example, some species of catfishes) which eat up what was not eaten up by "giant".

One more difference of keeping of big fishes in a natural aquarium — the fact that they are noticeable. You see how they swim as behave. And if she got sick, then there will pass 1.5 — 2 months before she dies. You will have time to diagnose a disease and to cure the pet. And if she nevertheless dies, you precisely will notice it. But if suddenly you do not notice, the damage will be huge: it will begin to decay, water will become muddy, and all other small fishes will die too.
Big fish is more unpretentious to conditions of keeping (she needs to be fed less often and it is possible to change less often water without prejudice to health of inhabitants of an aquarium).

If you choose by
small fishes for a natural aquarium, then the thicket should change water, it will be more difficult to notice that small fishes got sick and if you passed an onset of the illness, then in 3 — 4 days the small fish can die, and you can even not see it.

Small fishes usually cost cheaper, than large, but owners of small small fishes go to pet-shop more often (to buy new plants, fertilizers, to fill up "group" of pets, etc.)

can live In one natural aquarium a set of the most different types of small small fishes, and in a case with "giants" you can place in an aquarium, as a rule, no more than 3 — 5 types of inhabitants.

In an aquarium where there live small small fishes, the main attention is paid to the habitat, and big in itself can be the main decoration of your underwater kingdom.

Big fish can bother quickly enough: all of you observe time same, and in a case with small small fishes there is more space for creativity and the picture constantly changes.

the Aquarium for large fish is something like capacity for overexposure, some kind of cage for the pet. And small small fishes in an aquarium of the same volume can create the full-fledged underwater world, an ecosystem.

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